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"These Days" Review 6 June 2004


A review by Renato /

ok let's talk about it:

1- hey god... great song, i guess jon had just read or listened to some bad news about the world we're living in nowadays, great guitar solo too! 9,0

2- something for the pain... well i guess we all need something for the pain sometimes, they knew how to express it! 9,5

3- this ain't a love song... beautiful love song, well i don't need to say that they are great when it comes to love songs, SUPERB!!!!! 10

4- these days... GREAT GREAT GREAT GREAT one of the best bj songs ever!!!! 10

5- lie to me... another beautiful love song, this one means a lot to me, cause life is really a roler coaster ride...
we have to stand the ups and downs! 10

6- damned... GREAT lirics and very good melody!
10 lirics 8,5 melody

7- as my guitar lies bleeding... well no words to explain how great it is... maybe the best of all, i can't stop listing to it, since 1995 it has been an adiction to me!
10 ( it deserves more)

8- it's hard leting you go... oh man too sad and too good
i feel like crying everytime i listen to it... 10

9 hearts breaking even... very good... 9,0

10- something to believe in... great song, jon was really desapointed when he wrote it, he gets high notes on vocals
wich makes it sounds even better, i just don't like it when he says that he doesn't believe in jesus... just my opinion
grade: 9,0

11- what it optimistic song on a depressive album, what can i say? GREAT TOO! 9,5

12- diamond rings... beautiful ballad! 9,5

13- all i want is everything... good song, but in my opinion the weakest of the album! 8,5

14- oh man this is wonderful it sounds like heaven if u know what i mean, BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL

well i just can't understand why the band hardly ever play any of these songs on live concerts, these days is more than an album the others are great but they ain't got nothing on it!

Rating: 10/10

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