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"Bon Jovi" Review 7 June 2004
A good Rock album

A review by JHbj /

Well this cd is one of BJs BEST this is how i rate the songs:

RUNAWAY 11/10 This ones really great but maybe not as a starter. One of the BJ songs EVER!

ROULETTE 11/10 I really like this one as well it ROCKS

SHE DON'T KNOW ME 9/10 A little more slower song with a pretty good chorus. The only song that's not written by any of the BJ members

SHOT TROUGH THE HEART 10/10 A really great rock song

LOVE LIES 8/10 Starts slow a little too slow but turns out pretty good

BREAKOUT 8/10 Also slow started with boring verses but a good chorus

BURNING FOR LOVE 10/10 Great rock song again

COME BACK 10/10 Also a great rock song

GET READY 9/10 A great song that i think could have opened the record

Rating: 10/10

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