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"Crush" Review 18 June 2000
It has grown

A review by Fredrik /

I've had the opportunity to listen to Crush for over three weeks now since I got my hands on it. This is however not the first review I've written here at drycounty for this album, but my second one. So why write another you might ask? Well, by now this album has grown on me and to me this will be a fairer and better review.

Let's get down to what I think about the album song by song then.

It's My Life (10/10):
A classic rocker that has resemblences with the great 80's. I'm not going to mention which song, cause by now I'm sure you all know that.. ;) One of my personal favourites of the album..

Say It Isn't So (10/10):
This song didn't appeal to me at all in the beginning I must say. But after a few listens it really grew on me. I actually think that most songs on this album you have to get into. You don't really like them after one or two listens. This will do great as the 2nd single, take my word for it!

Thank You For Loving Me (10/10):
Jon actually came up with this song while watching a Brad Pitt movie. Little strange, but the song itself is extraordinary beautiful. Classic Jovi ballad stuff that just melts ones heart. If they don't perform this one live on this tour I'll be majorly dissapointed.. :)

Two Story Town (4/10):
I can't help it. I've listened to this song many times but I just don't like it. It's too far away from what I think Bon Jovi is, despite their everchanging style from album to album. This is one of the two songs I just don't like. Personally, having the Japanese bonus track "Neurotica" in this track space would have been excellent.

Next 100 years (9/10):
Another song I really like and also remind me a little of the "These Days" track, without the melancholy.. :) A little hard to hear Richie's guitarplaying, but that's just the songs buildup and nothing to really complain on. I love the almost symphonic ending in this song, and it really is a powerful rock track!

Just Older (10/10):
All New Jersey baby!! This is excellent stuff that'll fit perfect for all Bon Jovi fans. New ones as well as the ones who thinks that the 80's Jovi music is the best. This will tear the stadium walls down during their forthcoming world tour!!

Mystery Train (10/10):
A little Deja Vu to Jon's solo album "Destination Anywhere" in this track. However, I like it a lot. A ballad that differs quite much from earlier songs like "Bed Of Roses", "Living In Sin" and many more, but gets to me very much.

Save The World (10/10):
The 2nd power ballad of this album that definitely is as good as "Thank You For Loving Me". This one has more power in it than track #3, but maybe with a little less heart and soul. However, when Jon hits that high note in the end I just shiver..

Captain Crash " The Beauty Queen From Mars (10/10):
What a title, and what a song! Definite throwback the the Keep The Faith track "I'll sleep when I'm dead". And with those words you know I think this is a great track!

She's A Mystery (10+/10):
I don't get it why so many dislike this song. Is it because it's very laid back and relaxing, thus resulting in not quite being the 'old' Bon Jovi? Personally, I think this sounds a lot like the track "It's hard letting you go" from These Days, which I found to be an innovative and excellent song. I'm telling you that if you hear this live then bring out your lighter and enjoy the soothing atmosphere this song provides!

I Got The Girl (5/10):
At first I kind of liked this track, but now I don't. It's like the band doesn't know where this song is headed. Start out somewhat melancholic as a fusion between an uptempo ballad and then a soft rock song. Nope, this didn't work out. Either make a rock song or a ballad, but don't mix it like this. Sorry guys, but this didn't make the cut. Second of all is that the lyrics are very superficial in this song, and that really brings down the general impression. This track should have been replaced with the excellent demo "I don't want to live forever"..!

One Wild Night (10/10):
Let's rock the night away! A song like this would during the 80's have been the biggest hit, and I think that even today it would have been a success! Still, I don't think they'll release it as a single though.. :( Still, live this will get the crowd going like crazy!!

I Could Make A Living Out Of Lovin' You (9/10), bonus for Europe/Japan/Australia:
Am I back to the release of the "Keep The Faith" or what? Sounds like something that could have come straight out of that album. Classic rocker which is a shame that it is only released as a bonus track.

Neurotica (10/10), bonus for Japan/Australia:
Oh man what a track! Also a little "Keep The Faith album" style over it. This should never have been a bonus track! Could've been a hit, I'm sure of it.. :)

Concluding is that when listening to this album is that despite two not so good songs, this is still one of Bon Jovi's best albums to date. A classic rocker that will appeal to almost every Bon Jovi fan around the globe, and surely attract a great deal of new ones as well!

And if you guys want to take another five years for next album to make it as good as this. Well, then it's worth all the wait! Can't wait to see you live on this forthcoming tour in Stockholm, which by now is an almost sold out event..!

Rating: 10/10

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