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"Bounce" Review 29 June 2004
I was completley bounced


A review by dougie /


This album is a lot better than crush. But bounce should of been longer either through the length of the song or the inclusion of more songs. I loved all about loving you as it reminded me of both my relationships and other couples relationships as the story was told of the struggle of love. this album is second to these days as i consider these days a bon jovi classic. I attended both the crush and bounce tours and found that these classic songs not being played. They played things like prayer and dead or alive.

Bounce the song is based on a person who has come back from something bad and reminded us about the terrible events of 9/11 and that America needed to bounce back from that terrible and tragic day. That album is a predominantly guitar and that's the sort of album the group should release when they next hit the studio's.

Rating: 10/10

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