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"Crush" Review 19 June 2000
"I got the girl" explanation

My explanation to this song

A review by TheFlash /

Hi, I'm back!

After three reviews on Crush, and after reading some reviews in this site, I thought of sharing my opinion about this very good song, "I got the girl".

So here it goes:

I think Jon wrote thins song thinking 'bout his daughter Stephanie. If I'm not mistaken, she's five years old now. Check the lyrics, when he says "But the queen of hearts will always be a five-year-old princess to me". Everything else fits like a glove on this cenario. Using Dry County's lyrics, here's an explanation, paragraph by paragraph:

1st - Jon feels like his walking on air because he feels so proud of Stephanie. And cause he his, when people talk about it (him being a star, people talk, always) he doesn't even care, because he has his girl right besides him. He also says that she's the one who makes him feel good about life when things are though (like any father would feel about a daughter).

2nd - Chorus: Jon realizes that she does anything of him, necause is kinda like he melts for her, and realizes that one day, she'll leave him for a life of her own, marry, and so on, and that'll break his heart.

3rd - This is the hard part to figure out, but I guess I did, or at least hope so. About the marry thing, is common to little girls to say that! :) A father, at least when it's a good father, which I suppose Jon is, is always they're idol! At 5 year old, is when they start earing and trying to understand about marriage! Course they can't figure out the whole deal, but they get it's to live with this man, and they can't imagine a better one than their dad. When they'll walk down the aisle, is the day she marries, and Jon'll give her away! He'll probably feel very proud that day and that explains he feeling as a prince, lord or king. The rest of the paragraph seems like something a 5 yo would do just for fun, just for playing.

4th - Chorus again...

5th - After thinking of giving her away in the 3rd agraph, Jon realizes once again, he's gonna "loose" her, to another man, who'll be her husband. but still, she'll always be his little girl.

6th - Chorus again...

7th - Second chorus: Jon knows she'll become a "heartbreaker", being so pretty, and so she'll leave marks on anyone she has a relationship with, and will probably break a few hearts along her way to happyness.

8th - Well, she's still 5, let him enjoy it while she's there! :)

Well, at least this is what I believe the song talks about! Would be really great to have a feed back by the band itself on this one! (Hey Jon, mail me) :)

I hope, if you agree with this cenario, you'll like this song more, 'cause it's really great! The ballad/rock combination, reminds me of another BJ great song, "In these arms". That one too started to be a ballad, but it turned out to be a lite-rock song by the end!

That's all for now! I rate this song 9/10.


Rating: 10/10

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