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"Crush" Review 19 June 2000
After 3 weeks

Itīs gettin better

A review by Pipucho /

Well, itīs me again. Iīve noticed that everybody is
writting a second review so decided to write another

As many as you Iīve changed my opinion about many tracks and the album in general after 3 weeks of hearing it 5 times a day. Lets get into buisness.

1.-ITīS MY LIFE.- This one is just their best choice for the first single, and it brings you back to Livinīon a Prayer. I think this is the only comercial song of the album. 10/10.

2.-SAY IT ISNīT SO. As many of you, first didnīt like, when i knew this one was going to be the nest single I thought it was i joke. But now i guess it is a real good song and has the potential to be a hit. Anyway I still believe that other songs could be single instead. 8/10

3.- THANK YOU FOR LOVINīME. Once again. this one is the Bed of Roses of Crush. It has grown on me. 10/10

4.- TWO STORY TOWN. Another one that I like more now, but i think this new style is not their best. 9/10

5.- NEXT 100 YEARS. I donīt now why many of you didnīt like Richie on his solo, thereīs no many solos on this album, this is kind of a balance. Too much orchestra . 9/10

6.- JUST OLDER. Nothing left to say. 11/10

7.- MISTERY TRAIN.- Good ballad, itīs really nice, but should be on a JBJ solo album. 8/10

8.- SAVE THE WORLD.- The best ballad of the album, I love the beggining guitar, the lyrics everything, just GREAT.

9.- CPTN. CRASH " THE BEAUTY QUEEN FROM MARS. I dont speak english very well so Iīm telling this in spanish "esta rola es una verga". It is real fun and fresh. 10/10

10.- SHEīS A MISTERY.- Well this song has been very controversial so I guess that many of you will agree with this: It is a good song , if you want to relax, it remembers me Itīs hard letting you go, so I think this album is not the correct place for this song. Anyways, i like this song, every night, when i got to bed I play it and I fall asleep very quickly. 8/10

11.- I GOT THE GIRL.- As one of you say, it has a superficial meaning, the lyrics dont go with Bon Jovi style but it has good music. The only song that had a step back.

12.- ONE WILD NIGHT.- This is Bon Jovi. 11/10

13.- I COULD MAKE A LIVINī OUT OF LOVIN YOU.- Nice song, rocks. 9/10

14.- NEUROTICA.- Iīm still wondering why this one didnīt make the album. this one is a lot better than others. If someone had already heard it knows what Iīm talking about. This is even better than Itīs My Life. 11/10

The first time I heard the album i felt a little bit dissapointed, not becouse I thought it was a bad album, i felt disapointed becouse i felt lied to, they said it was only going to have 2 ballads, and it has 4; they said I was going to be like Slippery and New Jersey, of course I didnīt believe that but i expected a harder album.
But anyway this is one of their best. Nice work guys!!!!

Rating: 10/10

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