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"These Days" Review 8 July 2005
Released back in those Days.

The most deep, touching, and depressive Album

A review by Rhys Andrews /

These Days Review - Rhys Andrews
When I became a full-on Bon Jovi fan a few years back, I decided to spend my few hundred dollars on all of Bon Jovi's Albums. I loved ALL the albums to bits.. And then i realised i hadn't listened to "These Days" yet.

This album is the most amazing, revealing, and depressive songs that the Bon Jovi band has written. Although one of the less popular albums, each song had it's own unique touch. The Album started off with "Hey God".

.: Hey God
Firstly, i heard "Hey God". Hey God had a nice rock beat. It was probably my least favourite of the album, but still had a good "story". Maybe they should have prayed to god instead of complained to him ;)

.: Something for the Pain
This song was very good. It kind of gave you a country feel, but didn't get into the heel & toe heel & toe kick spin style. The Lyrics had a great twang to it, kind of like a cheeky way of saying you need help. However, I still didn't think the CD had stood out, yet. The CD hadn't gotten to the "dark depressive" side.

.: This Ain't a Love Song
Now this song grabbed my attention. "This Aint a Love Song" was similiar to "Always" and "Bed of Roses", But was more on the sad "i don't have you" side, rather than the happy "i have you i want more" side. The title of it almost made me go to the next one.. Because it sounded like it'd be a rock song that had nothing to do with love; I wasn't fond of those ones.. However i gave it a go and now this song is up there with my favourite Bon Jovi songs.

.: These Days
This song blew me away. It had the perfect mix of slow, sad song, to strong emotional song. The lyrics were unique. Not about a girl or anything, but about the world around us. This meant quite a bit to me, because i'm.. lets say "angry" at the people in this world at the moment. We're all just.. well listen to this song.

.: Lie to Me
Another song like "this ain't a love song". The Lyrics weren't spectacular, But the song was still a good one.

.: Damned
A great song. I had a bit of trouble finding out what the lyrics meant.. "Damned if you dont love me, damned if you do".

.: My Guitar Lies Bleeding in my Arms
The Best song i've ever heard, for sure. Richie Sambora's work on the guitar was brilliant, staying low and giving you a depressive feel. Listening to this song made me cry. The extra touch of this is how i thought, after listening to half of it, the song would be just low and depressive the whole way. I would have still loved it that way. But, since i have been in depressive states before, the lyrics kind of emoted depression as you go through the stages. At first, you're sad.. Don't want to talk to anyone, just want to sit their and think.. and then, near the end.. You're crying for help. You're gasping for air, screaming for help, as you fall down a waterfall, into your river of tears. This song was just so sad, and when the power and emotion really poured out at the end, the tears poured out with it.

.: Letting you Go
This was another song like "My Guitar lies Bleeding in my Arms". Not as powerful, but nice and easy-going. This also related to my depression problems i've been having.. Another great song!

.: Hearts Breaking Even
Another less dark but depressive song. It was a lot like "Damned" but a little less rocky.

.: If that's what it takes
A great song! It was very straight forward, implying that i'll do whatever it takes to have you.. A beautiful song.

.: Diamond Ring
Another one of my favourite songs. "Diamond Ring" was not depressive, but happy, although it was low and sung quite sadly. This song really grabbed my heart.

.: All I want is Everything
I didn't like this song much. Unfortunately, the lyrics were a little cheap, etc.

.: Bitter Wine
The last song of the CD wrapped it up nicely. "Bitter Wine" told the story of a love that was once a holy water, an amazing feeling, but is now just a cup of Bitter Wine.. a dead love. Wasn't very depressive in the way it was sung, but still very beautiful.

In conclusion to the review, i recommend you, no, restrict you, to buy this Album. An absolutely amazing product of Bon Jovi, and, another side to Bon Jovi and the Band.

Rhys Andrews

Rating: 10/10

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