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"Crush" Review 20 June 2000
I just got crushed....

Rock'n'roll is back, and it's name is Bon Jovi.

A review by Steve S /

Well well, finally after 5 long years we get to hear the band back together again. My faith in Bon Jovi has been restored listening to this wonderful collection of songs, especially after Jon's dismal solo offering. (Destination Anywhere)

First off, let me say that I love this album and it is growing more on me day by day. However, there a few things I would like to comment on before continuing on my track by track review.

The band seems to be repeating themes, and borrowing lyrics from their previous songs. It's My Life is reminiscent of Livin On a Prayer with the talk box, Say It Isn't So is similar to Something For The Pain, Thank You For Loving me is a cross between Bed Of Roses and Always, with the famous lines "these 5 words" from I'll Be There For You. Just Older could have been named Blood on Blood part II, and One Wild Night sounds a little like Wild In The Streets or Raise Your Hands. If I were to criticize anything from this album it would be the fact that they seem to be repeating themselves sometimes.

Now, on to my track by track review:

It's My Life : The first time I heard this it really hit me hard. Fast paced, hard rock the way it was meant to be. I knew the lyrics by the 3rd time I heard it. This one and Save the World are the two best tracks on the album.
Rating: 10/10

Say It Isn't So: I remember thinking that the Beatles could have recorded this one. It's one of those songs you have to get used to. I'm interested in seeing how it will do as the next single.
Rating: 7/10

Thank You For Loving Me: This one will probably be a huge worldwide hit. Lots of emotion, great piano at the start and at the end by Dave. Bon Jovi are truly the masters of rock ballads.
Rating: 9/10

Two Story Town: I hear lots of people like this song, actually I'm only lukewarm to it. Don't get me wrong, it's a great rocker, with nice guitar licks, a catchy chorus and beat, but it's not my favorite on the album.
Rating : 7/10

Next 100 Years: This song is pretty good too, but when I heard it was accompanied by a 64 piece orchestra, I expected more than the end result. I wish it was a little harder, but when it gets to the searing guitar solo by Richie at the end...all I can is say wow..what a guitar player. The horns and trumpets add a nice feel to the song.
Rating: 8/10

Just Older: A great rock song. Straight ahead fast paced rock. Jon reveals a lot about himself in this song, and he conveys his emotions very well. One of the stronger tracks on the album, and growing more on me every day.
Rating: 8/10

Mystery Train : Not one of my favorites, this one takes several listens to be fully appreciated. I think it's about Jon's wife?? It's just too slow for me, but it has a unique sound.
Rating : 6/10

Save The World: WOW. Must be heard. I liked Thank You more than this one at first listen, but after several listens, Save The World may eventually become my favorite song on the album. Jon's voice has never been better, he shows the depth of his vocal range on this one. I really hope they release this song as a single.
Rating: 10/10

Captain Crash " The Beauty Queen From Mars:
What a title!! I like this one mainly because it's so different than anything the band has done before. Very cool. The lyrics are very strange, I'd like to see what they could do in a video for this one!
Rating: 8/10

She's A Mystery; Should NOT have made it onto the album. By far the worst track. Just too slow for me. Mystery Train and She's a Mystery usually get skipped on my CD player.
Rating: 5/10

I Got The Girl: Really rocks hard after a slow start. A song about Jon's little girl (Awwwwwww)
Rating: 7.5/10

One Wild Night: It kicked my a$$!! Will be a great live song, reminiscent of the Slippery days. It has a chorus that won't leave your head. (probably because of Desmond Child's help) " Blinded by the moonlight, (One Wild Night) 24 hours of midnight...."
Rating: 8.5/10

*Bonus Track in North America
I could make a living out of loving you: One of my favorites on the album. I'm happy I ordered my CD from England just for this song (I'm from Canada) I really love this song, and I am wondering why they left it off the album?!!! This song should have DEFINITELY been on the album, replacing a song like She's a Mystery. Cool guitar riff that stays in your head. Kind of sounds like AC/DC at the start or Bryan Adams.
Rating: 9/10

A great album overall, but not a Slippery or Keep the Faith calibre. In my opinion, it is their 3rd best album after those two, and New Jersey comes next. Definitely an album to buy for the Jovi faithful, or for connoisseurs of fast paced hard rock. I pray that it will knock N'Sync And Ms. Spears off the top of the North American charts...hey I can dream can't I?


Rating: 8/10

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