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"Crush" Review 20 June 2000
What can I say??

A fanatstic comeback, knocks socks off these days! What can I say??

A review by Brit Chick

'Crush' is in my opinion a very welcomed comeback for the lads, knocking socks off These Days. If you have followed them like me, its got a pick and mix from all the last albums they've done!! 'It's my life' is very reminisant of Slippery when wet songs, while songs like Mystery Train and Save the world seem to have a more gentler vibe like that of These days. My clear favourite has to be Say it isn't so, which shows a more pop edge that the band aren't usually accustomed to. Lyrically the album is excellent, with another of my favourites being 'Captain Crash and the beauty Queen from Mars.' This is about two people that on the outside look really strange to other people but are in fact really in love with each other!! Ahh sweet!! Its a very cool album and this brit chick can't wait ot see them at Wembley in the summer!!

Rating: 10/10

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