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"These Days" Review 5 November 2005
These days are better with BON JOVI

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A review by bonjovi girl /

I must confess,I didn't liked it so much.I thought there were too much ballads.BUT,i changed my mind and now is my favourite,after KTF album.
1.Hey god-I like how it starts.Like the album'lies'from G'N'R.Little bit of intro,and then the song.REALLY GOOD SONG![10-10]
2.Something for the pain-One of my favourites on this album.Actually,I was introduced with this song from the Crossroad album.Great lyrics,guitar...whole package[9-10]
3.This ain't a love song-MY FAVOURITE ON THIS ALBUM!I wish I had written that lyrics!goes so deep in the soul!should have seen it coming when the roses to die for![100000-10]
4.These days-also a great song.Great choise for the album title.My guitar teacher wanted this song to be the first i will know how to perform acoustic.He is also a BJ fan.[10-10]
5.Lie to me-after seing the video recently,I fell in love with this song.I got the lyrics from this website,and everytime I hear it,I discover something new in this song.[9.5-10]
6.Damned-the intro again.More rock'n'roll,big voice from Jon,bigger solo from Richie.Nothing wrong on this album!?I guess so.[10-10]
7.My guitar lies bleeding in my arms-Ooooooooooooooooooooo what a song!!!I bristle on this song.[500-10]
8.It's hard letting you go-I found this song a little bit boring.It's good for listening at night.The end is good,nothing else[4-10]
9.Heart breaking even-The begining is so similar with"Cryin"from Aerosmith.I'm getting impression like I've heard it somewhere before.[3-10]
10.Something to believe in-The same...the begining is like the soundtrack from the'Breakfast club',I think were Simple minds,but is much better from the song above[6-10]
11.If that's what it takes-not bad song,just It's not Bon Jovi.Not in that light.[5.5-10]
12.Diamond ring-God I like this song!Great acoustic performance in this song.And Jon's voice is so sensual...oooooo[10-10]
13.All I want is everything-The"bow wow"thing from Richie.It works in "it's my life"but not in this song.I'm not catched like they know to do with their songs.And what's all that:I want it, want it...pfffffff[2-10]
14.Bitter wind-good song for the end-Your love was my salvation...more "Thank you for loving me" thing.Not impressed,ut if Jon sang that song to me...Iwould be thrilled!![???????] [7-10]

Rating: 10/10

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