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"Have A Nice Day" Review 7 November 2005
Have a nice day, yeah! It rocks!!!!

A review by Martiuz John Sambora /

Ok, here's my reviews:
1. Have a nice day. The 1'st hit single. Nice album opener and the best song in this album. This is the most rockin' song. Love it very very much. Outstanding!!! 12/10
2. I wanna be loved. for the first time, I didn't like it very much. But now, I like it.. 8/10
3. Welcome to wherever you are. I think, this should be the 2'nd hit single. Perfect stuff. 11/10
4. Who says you can't go home. Hm, it's good. 7/10
5. Last man standing. Well, this song rocks. 9/10
6. Bells of freedom. Good song, Jon. Sounds like 'Chimes Of Freedom' 8/10
7. Wildflowers. Sometimes, I repeat it. Good song. 8/10
8. Last cigarette. I don't know why, I like it very much. 9/10
9. I am. Well, great stuff. 9/10
10.Complicated. Good song. 8/10
11.Novocaine. Eh, it isn't cocaine, is it? Haha. Good song tough. 8/10
12. Story of my life. Great piano intro and guitar riff. This should be the 3'rd hit single, Jon. 10/10
13. Dirty little secret. Wow, great guitar intro. I love it. Great rock song. 10/10.

Have a nice day.
Jon, Richie, Tico, Dave, 'n Hugh, keep on rockin' in this free world, dude.. Thanx for this outstanding album. Good job..

Rating: 10/10

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