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"Have A Nice Day" Review 24 November 2005
Great album

Getting better every time I listen to it.....

A review by Geir /

Ok, just to start it off....I have been a Bon Jovi fan since Keep The Faith, that's when I really disovered this amazing band. I generally think that the highlight of their carreer is These Days, even though it didn't become a major commercial success....I think it's the bravest work they've ever done, and I feel like they have lost a little bit of their honesty since then.
But hey, they're still the greatest out there, and HAND is the best album since These Days, even though it's a totally different kind of music now. The first time I listened to HAND, I thought all of the songs sounded kind of similar...except for the title track and a couple of other tracks. So I was disappointet, I had such high hopes for this one. But then, I started to notice the different songs, and now the whole album has grown on me, I love it....except for one or two weak spots. I can't wait to see them live next summer....highlight of the century. I still think These Days is better, but in a way, I can't compare them....because they are so totally different genres.
To end this review, I have to my opinion, the best track on this album is...unfortunately a bonus track on the asian release!!! A song called Unbreakable, and if you haven't heard it, get's great, should be a single...could've been a hit, but it's so sad that this great song is only bonus material :(

Rating: 8/10

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