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"Crush" Review 23 June 2000
I'm totally CRUSHED!!

It's great - get it today!!

A review by Juliet /

Well - this is what we die hard Bon Jovi fans have been waiting 5 years for - and I for one am not disappointed! Crush has all the makings of a top rock album, and includes something for everyone - old and new fans alike. The new image is great - updated yet still classic BJ....The boys are officially back and rocking really loud - can't wait to see songs like "It's My Life" and "Just Older" played live in concert. Also I'd love to see "Thank you for loving me" made into a video - we have needed a new BJ ballad for a long time now!! and it's the sort of song you'd expect people to really love! The lyric is heartfelt and honest - beautifully done without being 'soppy'. One Wild Night totally rocks and Neurotica is becoming a definite favourite - sounds good played really loud in the car!! Save the World, Say it Isn't So ... the list goes on. If you haven't been CRUSHed yet ... what's the hold up - go and get it today and play it long and loud!!!

Rating: 9/10

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