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"Crush" Review 27 June 2000
Thanks guys!

Can you wear out a CD?

A review by Ohio

Not bad. Not bad at all. It's certainly not New Jersey, Slippery or Keep the Faith but it is good. I disagreed with putting some of the songs on this alblum that they did, but I don't really have a say in the matter. "Say it isn't so" just doesn't work for me and "Mystery Train" is a mystery for me as well. But of course, "It's my Life" ROCKS and I have been listening to that one over and over and over. "I've got the girl" is a GREAT new song that I like almost as much as "It's my life". Couple of great ballads on this CD and overall, not a bad effort from the boys. They could probably cover a bunch of Perry Como songs and I would still find myself in the store buying their CD. They've got that's what makes a great rock band. Aerosmith has it and so too does Bon Jovi. I felt they needed one or two more strong songs to make this a "great" Bon Jovi CD. In the absence of those two songs, I give it a 7. Keep playing guys. I think I can tell how old I am getting by the latest Bon Jovi CD that comes out. :) Long live New Jersey rock bands!!!

Rating: 7/10

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