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"Crush" Review 27 June 2000
Just Happy


A review by Nicole /

Hi you Fans out there, Im sitting here in Germany and want the song released in the USA or Asia. But to everybody who critizises Bon Jovi: have you really listend to the album????? Its not typical BJ-stuff but its great. Everytime I listen to it I just feel happy!!!!! When keep-the-faith was released as single I became FAN. I bought the album, and every song I heared made me feel happier than the one before- I would say it was better than drugs ever could be! So, I bought the tracks released between 1983 and 1991. I learned all the lyricks. They were great! Well, I didnt liked every song for example social-desease on the Slippery-but the rest.. Everytime Im really down, unhappy, stressed or angry I just hear any of their albums (my neighbours love to join me) and Im feeling great! The Crush is quite similar to Jons Destination Anywhere, a little more rocky. Did nobody heared the similarity between Thank you for loving me and I want you? Try it! For those critizens out there: go home, put in the album, hear it as loud as you can! as long as you can! and then dont stop, listen to it everywhere! Even you will hear its greatness! How do they make being everytime better than before?
Within every album I thought: this is the best, and all new ones -since Faith-were even better, much better and different! I love their music-deeply. Nobody at home is allowed to turn the TV or radio out when Bon Jovi is in there.I need that music.
Just imagine what would you do if you must miss the songs and listen to bad music. Nobody is as good as Bon Jovi- nobody made me feel really happy with music for so long now. Im glad Im young so I will be able to listen to many more albums. Greatings to all Fans! They know what I mean! See you in concert! Nicole

P.S. Im glad for your opinion, please write to: Thanks.

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