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"Crush" Review 29 June 2000
An album for everybody!

A review by Beto /

I think the band thought of every fan out there when making this album, non of the songs are bad that's for sure! I personally love the hard rock side of the band wich is a highlight throughout the album, the softer acoustic ''She's A Mystery'' is nice for relaxing after a Great day of good Hard Rock! There's always a place for a acoutic song on a BJ album. So before saying a song sucks just think that that song is making another fan very happy!

And now, on to the track by track rev.

It's My Life:
It defenintly PUMPS you up! I'd give it a 10 if it had a longer guitar solo.

Say It Isn't So:
this ain't a POPish song at all. A nice unusual touch in the chorus.

Thank You For Loving Me:
It is an honest, powerful ballad. The title says it all I guess!

Two Story Town:
This song sticks to you man!

Next 100 Years:
I've always wonder how a really hard BJ rock song would sound with an orchestra! It sounds awesome! great composition.

Just Older:
If you feel good when you play it, it must be a Great rock song by the guys! I felt great!!

Mystery Train:
Good melody, but I wouldn't like to take a ride with a girl that'll suddenly curse you like a sailor!

Save the World:
Another good powerful ballad. It's true, she will make you feel like that!

Captain Crash " The Beauty Queen From Mars:
The guitar here is so cool, It lifts you up!

She's A Mystery:
The acoustic song of the album, the melody is nice and relaxing.

I Got the Girl:
A happy song!!

One Wild Night:
One Wild Song! The good Hard Rock days are BACK!!.......

I Could Make A Living Out of Loving You:
.......And are here to STAY! Cool song.

Rating: 10/10

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