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"Crush" Review 30 June 2000
How can they top it?

A review by Nicolette

The band just keeps getting better! Every Bon Jovi album is better than the last one. They continue to grow as musicians. After listening to every album, I always ask myself "How can they top this?". And they always do.

"It's My Life": How this is not a hit here in the U.S. is beyond me. But something is fishy. I don't recall a single not being in the U.S. Top 100 in Billboard and yet the album debuts in the top 10. That tells me people love the song, but radio won't play it. The song is so good it exposes the other junk they constantly play. U.S. radio is afraid of Bon Jovi.

"Say It Isn't So": Just a classic. I've never heard anything like it. To think that a band who wrote "In and Out of Love" in 1985 could write such a great song 15 years later show their constant evolution.

"Thank You For Loving Me": Devastating in its effect. I'm sure this will be released as a single to coincide with their U.S. tour this Fall. It's the perfect song with the strings and Dave's piano. Great production.

"Two Story Town": A great rock song. Positive message with rhythmic verses and a sing along chorus.

"Next 100 Years": I can't wait to see Richie play his solo live. The orchestra adds a whole new vibe to an already classic song.

"Just Older": Should be a single because even rock radio can't avoid this one. It's too good and a great summer time song! Crank it!

"Mystery Train": One of my all-time favorites. A new sound for Bon Jovi that works. This could also be a huge single on a variety of radio formats.

"Save the World": Would have been Bon Jovi's 6th #1 single had it been released on the Armageddon soundtrack instead of "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing" by Aerosmith. Great ballad. And again, nice keyboards and strings.

"Captain Crash": How can you not tap your foot to this one. From the lyrics to the guitar, the song just makes you smile.

"She's a Mystery": This song is so unique. It's a powerful song, yet it's so simple. If they edited the song for length, it could be a smash single.

"I Got the Girl": Another great rocker, that should be awesome live. Again, it's a song that makes you smile.

"One Wild Night": The GREATEST Bon Jovi party song ever!

Crush is amazing. I've literally worn out my CD playing it so much. For those who don't like Crush, remember it's the year 2000, not 1986. The U.S. can ignore them all they want, but what's good will ultimately survive. And Bon Jovi are the best.

Rating: 10/10

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