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"Crush" Review 4 July 2000
"Crush"...The answer to my prayers

I've been waiting a long time for this....and I was not disappointed!

A review by Joey Layne /

For five long years I've waited. Sure the boys released some solo stuff but it wasn't the same. Besides, even though I enjoyed it, These Days was definitely a moody and depressing album. Then I started to hear the rumblings. The new album is on it's way! YES! I waited like a eight year old waiting for Christmas morning. I bitched...I complained.
But finally it arrived. What an awesome album!!!! Jon and the boys sound better than ever. "It's My Life" is truly a great anthem along the lines of it's cousin "Living On A Prayer". "Thank You For Loving Me" is perhaps one of the best love songs ever written by the Dynamic Duo. I feel that every song is a winner and I encourage everyone who has ever even hummed a verse of a Bon Jovi song to run out and get it!!!!!!!

Rating: 9/10

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