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"Crush" Review 6 July 2000
The Jersey Boys are Back and Ready to Conquer the Music World

A review by Glenn /

Watch out all you musicians out there. The greatest band ever in Bon Jovi is back and ready to take the top spot again or should I say ready to take what belongs to them.

Crush is an album that everyone can relate to. The songs in it speaks volume for itself.

It's My Life: How can you not like a song that gives credit for all the people that survive the hard times. Reminiscence of the song "Livin' On Prayer."

Say It Isn't So: An encouraging song for everyone.

Thank You For Loving Me: A perfect song for that someone that stuck by you through the years.

Two Story Town: Let's face it, this is reality and it's out there.

Next 100 Years: A song of loyalty to a friend. A cousin of the song "Never Say Goodbye."

Just Older: Don't you just wish that this could be you!

Mystery Train: Whoever rides yours, is the perfect one for you!

Save the World: Everyone can make a difference specially someone by their side.

Captain Crash and the Beauty Queen From Mars: Be invincible with that special someone.

She's a Mystery: A song for all the women out there!

I Got the Girl: Man, you have all you can handle!

One Wild Night: Hey, everybody did it before or wish to do it.

Rating: 10/10

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