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"These Days" Review 8 July 2000
These Days Is Bon Jovi, And Bon Jovi Is These Days

The sense sadness and mystery in these days

A review by TAREK /

Hi guys,i want you to share my opinion about the greatest bj work!

there is a sort of worry and sadness in these days,no obvious god or end,no successful love!

*HEY GOD:do you ever think about me?a phrase that means so much,started in dry county when god forgot those poor fellows!great song deserves to be the oppening! 10/10

*GIVE ME SOMETHING FOR THE PAIN:lost and lonely but free(my suitcase and guitar are my only family) 10/10

*THIS AINT A LOVE SONG:he crys and dies for his baby,simply the best in the album(go richie) 10/10

*these days:these days everything is wrong,not humans anymore,its a truth i guess 10/10

*LIE TO ME:love from one side,great great music 10/10

*MY GUITAR:one of the best bon jovi ever,great music but again lost and board! 10/10

*damned:he doesnt care if she loves him or not,loud and free 9/10

*its hard letting u go:wonderful!i like the end 10/10

*hearts breaking even:i like the music 10/10

*something to believe in:this one needs a stop!what does he mean?are things really that bad"great work by richie 10/10

*all the rest are wonderful,i like the music!

the whole album is great,the best bon jovi ever,but things are lightned in crush!

Rating: 10/10

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