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"Crush" Review 16 July 2000
Just older..even better..

an italian review

A review by Anto /

It is now more than a month since CRUSH has been realeased here in Italy, and it's more than a month that i listen to this record every single day...
And every day i love it more and more...

The boys have been apart for some time,and got back together grown, and even better than before!!
They are now real MEN!And not anymore the boys that used to play loud music and have fun singing on the stage with young girls shouting and crying for them...

Something has changed in a certain way,and the band is more mature,more adult,even in the text,and most of all in the music which is quite relaxed,if compared to New Jersey or keep the Faith..
Someone might be quite disappointed because its not the same hard,great rock of years ago,but i guess it's normal:the band has grown and now they're around their 40...
they cannot be kids forever of course...
The boys have changed and grown,and the music is the result of all their experiences..
And i guess the album CRUSH is among the best of the band..
And Jon is greater than ever, he has the sexiest voice (not only)of the world...

Thank you guys,and KEEP THE ROCK ALIVE...

P.s. The only bad thing i can tell you:i wonder WHY THE ONLY DATE OF THE TOUR IN ITALY WAS CANCELLED??
i had already bougth the ticket and kept it like a treasure..and i cant believe my dream of seeing you was broken once again...WHY??
Jon i love ya

Rating: 9/10

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