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"Keep The Faith" Review 17 July 2000
Glory of -92!

A review by Fredrik /

I think many had expected Bon Jovi to only be an 80's rockband that wouldn't survive in the 90's. As we all know
by now that wasn't the case, and are we glad for that!
Anyway, in the 90's it had appeared a lot of new music styles and the Jersey boys surely knew that. With Jon riding his motorcycle in the U.S backwaters, Richie writing solo blues-inspired music and the rest of the guys taking a break off resulted in one of their best albums ever.

Keep the Faith was a new era of Bon Jovi. New and really
rocking songs like "I Believe" and "Keep The Faith",
heartwarming ballads like "Bed of Roses" and "In These Arms" and also very socially awared songs like "Dry County". They surely proved that new and innovative things ain't necessarily a bad thing, but most of the time something good.

I Believe, 10/10:
My favourite rock track of the KTF. I can sing along to this track for hours straight. Great choice to open the concerts with on the tour..

Keep the Faith, 10/10:
Probably the most famous rock song of KTF and also a big favourite of mine. This goes down excellent live!

I'll Sleep When I'm dead, 10/10:
"We're here to have fun for as long as we want" is the concept of this song. A little new inspired track unlike what you expected from Bon Jovi in the 80's. Definitely a display of their new innovative ideas for this album.

In These Arms, 10/10:
A ballad with a bit more rocking influence. It's just a plain excellent song!

Bed of Roses, 10/10:
Probably the most famous song of this album and also one of their best songs ever. Explanation for this song is really not necessary..!

If I Was Your Mother, 8/10:
A good song, but lacks a little of the heartful rock and emotions that you expect from BJ. A good song nevertheless, but nothing out of the ordinary.

Dry County, 10+/10:
The longest and definitely the most epic song from BJ ever. This speaks of injustice, unfairness and how hard it might be to go on in life in times. But despite all the downs we somehow always manage to get back up again. Truly magnifiant..! :)

Woman In Love, 8/10:
Sort of like the same explanation as a think about "If I was your mother"..

Fear, 8-9/10:
I'm a bit split up here. It's a great and heavy rock song, but still without those things mentioned in "If I was your mother".

I Want You, 9/10:
I don't really understand why this song didn't become a hit amongst the fans. It's a heartful and warm rockballad tracks with heavy emotions in every word in the lyrics. One of my favourites..

Blame It On The Love Of Rock n' Roll, 10/10:
A great track remiscient to the song "I'll sleep when I'm dead". I guess that says it all..

Little Bit of Soul, 10/10:
A great side to see of Bon Jovi. They still showed a little playful without all the seriousness which makes them as good as they are. Excellent song with great lyrics!

Save a Prayer, 9/10 (europe, japan, australia bonus):
A really heavy track and unexpected from Bon Jovi. The morphing of the vocals in the beginning are really cool, as the rest of the track!

Starting All Over Again, 11/10 (japan, australia bonus):
This is magnificiant! Too bad it was a bonus track cause it's one of best songs on KTF. Haven't heard this one, then do so! You won't be dissapointed!

All in all this album is a great rock production which ones again shows why Bon Jovi will live on for a long time to come!

Rating: 10/10

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