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"These Days" Review 19 July 2000
These Days

What an album!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A review by RO'K /

Not so long ago I purchased the "These Days" album, the only album I hadn't yet listened to of Bon Jovi. I played the tracks in the order they came, "Hey God" somehow wasn't what I expected, don't get me wrong it is one of the best songs on there but I for some reason i wasn't expecting a song that blamed God for misfortune.

Track 2 "Something for the Pain", let me just simply say, if I was in pain the song itself would be something for it.

Track3 "This Ain't a Love song", arguably my favourite Bon Jovi song, it is an absolutly brilliant song with no faults.

Track4 "These Days", another one of my favourites, a great song which sounds a bit like Purple Rain in places.

Track 5 "Lie to me", I don't know, this must the only Bon Jovi song I didn't particulaly like, I couldn't tell you why though.

Track 6 "Damned" one of the best guitar solo's by the best guitar soloist.

7 "My Guitar Lies..." next to track 2, this is my favourite BJ song.

8 "Letting you go" what a great song and an easy one to play on the guitar.

I could go on like this but I would just be repeating myself, I just couldn't believe how good the album was (possibly better than "Crush"), and I think it is one of their Greatest.

I hope to God "Crush" isn't their final album because they are the best band around today and only people who have followed them for years give them credit.

Thanks for reading.


Rating: 10/10

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