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"Crush" Review 20 July 2000
the best album yet!!!!!

It's the best album ever!!!!!!!

A review by Jon bon sammy /

I think that crush is somewhat different to all his other albums. It's hip hop pop witha little bit of rock'n'roll or should I say I lot of rock'n'roll. The first six or seven songs are my favourites but altogether my favourite song is Thank You For Loving Me which is love,rock and pop. In about three weeks I'm going to see him in dublin, Ireland and you would swear I was going to fly around the world twice. I am definetly his best fan ever. He is the most amazing artist I've ever seen and I have to say he his so cool with all the haircuts hes had so far but my mammy's favourite hairstlye is the long, hairy chest look but I prefer his new look better from JBJ's biggest fan ever!!!!!.I love you jbj!!!!!

Rating: 10/10

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