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"Crush" Review 21 July 2000
Yet another Crush Review

A review by MR /

This is my personal opinion of the album crush. The songa that i like the least on this album are Say it isn't so, for an unknown reason, perhaps because it just sounds so goddamn awful to me, and i also don't have a very high opinion of It's My Life, although many have said that it sounds like some of their older stuff, i disagree, and believe that although it was a good choice for the first single, because it catches the ear, it is one of the weakest songs on the album. my favourite tracks are Save the World and mystery Train, followed by neurotica, which in my opinion could have taken the place of say it isnn't so, as it is a lot stronger than say it isn't so, and showcases how good the band really is. Other than those two songs that i said i didn'ty like, the album in general is quite good, although i wouldn't call it their best, as there is too much "light" electronica throughout the album, which detracts from the abilities of teh musicians. Although bon jovi is my favourite band, i believe that this album could have been better, and that they sound better with the "heavier" music that these days is made of.

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