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"These Days" Review 21 July 2000

Someone, catch me...this was a superb album.

A review by Vanessa /

Lying on my bed listening to "These Days", I can't help but feel my heart ache at the sometimes gritty, sometimes melancholy words of Bon Jovi. This album is nothing less than brilliant, exploring the unsought reaches of the heart of man. Okay, I'm being dramatic; simply put, this album RULES! I was comletely blown away when I found that i loved every song. Jon Bon Jovi entrances you with the raspy heartache in his voice, and Richie's wailing guitar just adds the extra salt to the tears.

1. "Hey God" asks the universally sought question of the misfortunate, of the forgotten suffering in our world. Loved it.

2. "Something for the Pain"- what can I say. One of the best. One of the songs that you really can't help but sing along to. The lyrics are only too cool. Oh, and the ultimate statement: "I don't need a lover just to get screwed." THAT'S what I'm talking about. Course, we already knew that, Jon. Loved it.

3. "This Ain't a Love Song" is one of my all time favorites. Hurt drips from Jon's oh so sexy voice. The lyrics are beautiful: the tale of a man who didn't know that the love he thought to be true was, in reality, never meant to last. Loved it.

4. "These Days" was wonderful. The piano playing and guitar chords were beautiful. What can I say about the lyrics? "Everybody has thier own cross to bear these days." So true, so true. Loved it.

5. "Lie to Me" is a gorgeous tune. It flows like velvet. Kinda reminds me of Aerosmith's "Crazy" in certain parts. This story is so...I can't find the words. This man is so in love. Can you find love so devoted and unscathed as this anymore? I've only seen it in the movies, folks. Loved it.

6. "Damned"- Oooh, a love goodness. Well, the first 30 seconds sounds so cool. The lyrics really pulsate the plight of the "other man". The tale of a man who is hopelessly in love with a woman who belongs to someone else. I guess there's no escape from one's heart. Richie Sambora's playing is one of the highlights of the song. What a solo. And the song? Loved it.

7. "My Guitar Lies Bleeding in My Arms" speaks as a whisper of hopelessness. The lyrics are so good, you can't help feeling like that guitar. "...from the cradle to the grave." Doesn't that just depress you? This song just brings one more side of the human heart into the picture. definately one of the best. Loved it.

8. "Letting You Go" is not one of the's okay. It's kinda boring. But it gets much better toward the end. Liked it.

9. "Hearts Breaking Even" is one of my faves. It sounds so much like one of the old school rock " rolls songs. I could see the Temptations belt this one out. Of course, no one can beat Bon Jovi. I could listen to this song all day. The repetion of certain words and phrases sends it home. The lyrics are beautiful. I can't tell you how much I liked this song. All I can say is "Loved it."

10. "Something to Beleive In"- Oh, we going to the African plains in this song! This is a pretty cool song. It's really sad. You have to be really strong to live without anyting to beleive in. I guess in times like that, when everything seems to fail you, you just have to turn to yourself. In a world that gives you nothing, you have to beleive in yourself. Loved it.

11. "If that's What it Takes"- I enjoyed this song so much. The lyrics are too cool. the frist few sentences are just awesome. Ladies, would't you just LOVE to have a guy like this? Yeah, I thought so. Loved it.

12, "Diamond Ring"- Okay, the guy in this song is so much in love it scares me. He lives for nothing but this woman. "Blood red rose", eh? Girl, if I were you, I wouldn't leave this guy. He might do song. Not a typical sounding Bon Jovi song, but hey, this isn't a typical Bon Jovi album. Dare I say it? Yup. Loved it.

This had to be my favorite Bon Jovi record. Not as much party hardy flamboyance. It deals more with pain and heartache. It's very deep with serious issues. And Jon's voice makes that pain hurt even more. It searches through every human emotion, and everything is touched. It's hard to explain the brilliance of this album. I guess the only thing I can say is...Loved it!

Rating: 10/10

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