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"Crush" Review 21 July 2000

A review by Anders Hegg

I must say that the first time i heard Itīs my Life i could not believe my ears. Here you have this super commercial song which only is a bad copy of Livinīon a prayer. Well, because I am a big Bon Jovi fan I hoped that the other songs would be better. So I listened to the rest of the songs and I must say that this is the worst CD Bon Jovi has ever made. There is only one song I like and that is Neurotica. To be honest all the other song suck. I really never liked Slippery when wet but compared to this shit itīs like the best record in the world . I have now lost my hopes of that the guys will ever release another good album. This very sad because if you listen to These Days or KTF you can hear how really good this band can be...
Bon Jovi has not evolved, they have only gotten more commercial and lost all of there soul.

Rating: 2/10

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