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"Crush" Review 22 July 2000


A review by IAN /

Te boys from New Jersey are back with a bang! With the new album "Crush" and the single "It's My Life" currently at or having been the no.1 in most countries after only 1 month of release they have proved they are here to stay for a long long while yet!

Platinum after 3 weeks isn't bad for a band the press said were finished. The single having gone to no 1 in uk, ireland, italy and half of europe, it's testament to the bands longevity.

The first song "It's My Life" explodes out saying "this ain't a song for the broken hearted" a sly knock at the people who said they were a pop band concerned with success rather than quality, the 2nd song "Say It Isn't So" is different from anything they have done so far, a sort of country/rock cross over, songs like "Just Older" and "Next 100 Years" suggesting that you ain't heard nuthin yet!
Keeping the same formula that has sold over 80 million albums world wide but at the same time it's been changed and revamped, you can still recognise that it's Bon Jovi but it's different at the same time, showing the maturity and imagination Jon Bon Jovi and Richie Sambora has now in their songwriting, not quite Lennon and McCartney but getting awfully closer with each album.

Definitely the best song on the album is "One Wild Night"
starting out with what sounds like ballet music making you look at the speakers to make sure your hearing right and then as your ears get closer the song goes off like a neutron bomb! Just a pure unadulterated rock song, which is like a breath of fresh air after 5 years of the spice mooses! All in all a great album advancing on the style of "These Days" but falling within a gnats wing of surpassing it.

Rating: 10/10

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