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"Crush" Review 22 July 2000
reply to fredrik

A review by Anders Hegg /

This is a reply to Fredrik
Calling it shit was maybe a bit over the edge but I still donīt think this album has the same touch to it like the other ones have . I am a hardcore Bon Jovi fan and I have collected an endless amount of CDīs,Vinyls, bootlegs etc. I still think albums like New Jersey and their debut album are among the best released in the 80īs and KTF and TD are even better. My feelings toward the new album are based on the fact that many of the songs donīt have especially good lyrics, there is very little guitar and the type of songs on the Crush CD are only made for the radio and nothing else. There would nothing wrong with that if the songs would not sound Oasis(Next 100 years) and like covers of old 80īs Bon Jovi(Itīs my life). I donīt want the old sound Bon Jovi back, I just want them to make good music again.
And of course this a personal opinion and you donīt have to think like I do.

And about that JBJ said. You canīt expect a man to say that there new album is not good could you???

If someone wants to carry on with this discussion just E-mail me on the above adress so we donīt occupy this review site.

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