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"Crush" Review 22 July 2000
Kings of Rock Are Back

worth the wait

A review by Tommy /

I'm really glad that the kings are back to release one of their greatest albums and sure the greatest album of the new millenium. According to the songs, I review them in the order I liked them

1- Two story town: the greatest one on the new album: great lyrics, great chorus and great music, should top the charts everywhere. 10/10

2- Just Older: I heard it live before but for sure, it is greater with Richie on the guitars. Must be released as a single 10/10

3- Thank you for loving me: the love song of the album and of the year. It is very soft and once you hear it you want to hear it again and again and again

4- It's my life: a good choice for the first single and a great song. It proved that in the charts 10/10

5- Save the world: Actually I think all the songs are great and I'm feeling silly because this one is at number five but I had to rate them. really great one 10/10

6- Say it isnt so: I wonder why many of the fans didnt like it. I know it's a new sound but I like it and I like the lyrics. 10/10

7- Mystery train: also one of my favourites, I like the music 10/10

8- next 100 years: I thought it would be better. The music is good but the lyrics are somehow different from the bonjovi standard, although the begininng is great (time is a verse with no rhyme) 9.5/10

9- One wild night: the rocking song of the album although I think it is an 80's song 9.5/10

10- Captain crash and the beauty queen from Mars: funny lyrics and lovely song 9.5/10

11- She's a mystery: very soft song and I think it's really great 9.5/10

12- I could make a living out of loving you: good one . I think 'I dont want to live forever is better and should have made the album 9/10

13- I got the girl: I really didnt like it that much but the sound of John always catches your ear. 8/10

As a whole it is a great album, I think it is their best after These Days which is the best album in the history and SWW which is thier best selling one.

I just want to say that the B-sides are really great and I'm hoping they release a box set containing their rare and B-sides. I'm dying to get such an album so let's all demand that.

just waiting for their new one

Rating: 10/10

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