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"These Days" Review 22 July 2000
The perfect pop album

A review by Anders Hegg /

I think this is the highpoint of Bon Jovis career.There is only one song I donīt like much but the other songs are either good or excellent. The only comparable Bon Jovi album is KTF.

Here is a rating of all the songs:

1.Hey God-Really good song. Nice riff and good lyrics to match JBJīs extremely good voice. 9/10

2.Something for the pain-Quite good song but it can be quite repetive.. 7/10

3.This ainīt a lovesong-A pretty good ballad type of song 7/10

4.These Days-One of the better songs on the album. Very good
verses and nice piano intro 9/10

5.Lie to me-A bit weaker than the other slow songs. 6/10

6.Damned-One of the most underrated Bon Jovi songs. Has a bit of a angry attitude that I like 9/10

7.My guitars lies bleeding in my arms-What can I say???The score says it all 10/10

8.Itīs Hard letting you-Nice song with good atmosphere 8/10

9.Hearts breakinī even-The weakest song. A typical filler

10.Something to believe-Excellent song with Jon Bon Jovi att his best. 10/10

11.If that what is takes-Very good bridge but a not so good verse 7/10

12.Diamond Ring-An acoustic Bon Jovi type of song. 6/10

13.All I want is everything-Best These Days song. Period. 11/10

14.Bitter Wine-Bon Jovis best ballad. 10/10

Rating: 10/10

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