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"Slippery When Wet" Review 22 July 2000 might slip

These guy's just don't SLIP up.

A review by RO'K /

This was the first Bon Jovi album to enter my house, 5 years after it's release, thats when my interest in Bon Jovi started, the album was my sisters who had just discovered her favourite band,(I was 5 and didn't care what I listened to).

As the years went by I enjoyed hearing the Bon Jovi songs but only having 2 albums, then one December morning after misplacing the tape for about a year I stumbled across it and thought why not. So I played loud the 10 tracks and brought to the top of me a desire for hearing Bon Jovi.

1. Let it rock- the great rock track with a brilliant solo, the sound that became Bon Jovi's trademark over the next few albums. I rate it- B+

2. You give love a Bad Name- my favourite Bon Jovi track of 4 years, it's now fallen from that position as I've found other great Bon Jovi tracks from albums like These Days.
I give it - A

3. Livin' on a prayer- Maybe their most famous song next to Always, I particulaly love the "Unplugged" version.- A*

4. Social Disease- A great and fun track to listen to, however the beginning is not the sort of thing you want to be seen listening to around family.- B

5. Wanted Dead or Alive- I love this song because of it's hidden meaning, the lyrics are great and the Guitar parts are wonderful (However difficult to play they are).- A*

6. Raise your hands- Turn over the tape and your confronted by another cool Rock track, it has the same sort of effect as "Let it Rock" though.- B-

7. Without love- I like this one for the lyrics, I don't know why mind you, I just do. The song peaceful and calming at the same time and Richie Guitar solo's and love songs really do go together like a house on Fire. A*

8. I'd die for you- Not something I'd really say to one of my girlfriends but effective none the less.- B

9. Never say goodbye- Another song with a well hidden meaning, and you can sort of relate to it. Excelent- A

10. Last but not least. WILD IN THE STREETS- A fun song that will have you singing along, I can remember playing this loud in my sisters car going down to Cardiff and having everyone stare...ah those were the days. I give it a-B for it's lack of a really long guitar solo.

Well that's it, I thought I had to write a review of the first Bon Jovi Album I heard, it's only fitting.

Thanx for reading.


P.S. If any readers from Bon Jovi chat are here, I'm Richiewannabe. Hi Everyone

Rating: 7/10

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