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"These Days" Review 23 July 2000
These Days talk about the worst days but are Bon Jovi's best days

A review by John Thompson /

WOW...this is Bon Jovi's best album ever. All the other ones are real good. But the lyrics aren't as deep as These Days. This album is love or hate. It has the Bon Jovi themes of love, life but the darker aspects of those. Other BJ albums showed the brighter side of love and life. And so the theme is still there, it's all just backwards. And I don't mind the complete change of pace...this is the best album ever.

1-Hey God- WOW!!! This song just speaks for the whole album. Pissed off and depressed!!! I love it. I really do. "Hey god, do you ever think about me?" I think everyone has asked this to themself at least once in life. Life doesn't seem fair at all at times. And man this is the song you should listen to. Great to just blast...and the songs asks questions. It also gives answers. "I'm gonna get down on my knees, I'm gonna try this thing your way." And while I'm not religious(strange that I like Bon Jovi, a religious type band), I do get down on my knees and pray when life really sucks or someone is seriously injured and stuff like that. It's better to be safe then sorry sometimes. And there just might be a God who listens to people's prayers. It's worth a shot every now and then. Nuff of my preaching...great song 10/10

2-Something to Believe In- This song is good. I really don't like the chorus though...except for the end of the chorus "Get me through the night, make me feel alright, something like you, come on, come on, come on." The verses though are all quality stuff. Music isn't too developed though but the end of the chorus, that's the catch ya line for me. It's pretty good. 7/10

3-This Ain't A Love Song- Well, I think any song that Jon says the word roses is an absolute hit(i.e. In These Arms, Bed of Roses). And this one follows suit. Very first line..."Should have seen it coming when the roses died, should have seen the end of summer in your eyes, should have listened when you said goodnight, you really meant goodbye." WOW!!! How deep are those lyrics? Geez, and that isn't even the killer chorus. This song is just way too good. Has a little Bed of Roses and Never Say Goodbye in it. Yeah, Never Say Goodbye's evil twin I'd say. 10/10

4-These Days- Oh man, oh man! This song reminds me of 2 other Bon Jovi songs. With lyrics like "There ain't no time to waste" it's like It's My Life. But it also is just like the evil brother of Without Love. Both songs have an "old man" in it...and Without Love was a song that said love is everything and well this song is like love is nothing...nothing is worth it anymore. Deep lyrics score big with me 10/10

5-Lie To Me- Wow, this is one of my favs from the album. I don't really relate to these lyrics at all but I do with the chorus. The music, slow tempo, yeah yeahs and backing vocals oh man. This song has emotion! I love emotion in songs. "Right now if you can't love me baby, lie to me." Oh man, this song is just so good instrumentally and that great chorus that I relate to and great lyrics that I don't relate's one of Bon Jovi's top 10 songs ever. 10/10

6-Damned- I never used to listen to this song. Mainly because it's about sleeping with someone who is already with somebody. And well, I really don't relate to that. And never will! But I like it now, the chorus is good but not great as well as the instruments. 6/10

7-My Guitar Lies Bleeding In My Arms-Hahaha...oh god, this song rocks. This song is just way too depressing. "I can't write a love song, the way I feel today, I can't sing no song of hope, I got nothing to say, Life is feeling kinda strange, it's strange enough these days...I send this song to you where ever you are, as my guitar lies bleeding in my arms." That's the chorus to this magnicent song. It's so not Bon Jovi like, it's amazing. This whole album is just not Bon Jovi...and wow. It's a great change of pace from "Baby I love you forever." Another great depressing song. 10/10

8-It's Hard Letting You Go- This song and Lie to Me were my favorites when I first got this cd. Lie to me is # 2 still but this one has slipped. Why? Well, this song it just WAY TOO depressing even for my tastes. "It ain't no fun lying down to sleep" you know the song is depressing if those are the first words. But even more...catch this "I drove all night down streets that wouldn't bend, but somehow they drove me back here once again, to the place I lost at love, the place I lost my soul." My god!!! How deep is that? These lyrics are just excruciating to listen to. If you ever lose somebody...well this is the song you may or may not want to listen to. And what can you say about the instruments and chorus? They're spactacular! But each verse of the the song is simply amazing. Man, on second thought, this song has to be in Bon Jovi's top 5 songs ever. 2nd best on the album. It's that good. 10/10.

9-Hearts Breaking Even- I didn't like this song at first. It just goes against everything I believe in..."Let's just fold the cards and say goodbye." I hate giving up!!! But it's really a good song though. "Hide my tears in the pouring rain"...I love that line. It's just like Keep The Faith...go out in the rain so no one can tell you're crying, I just find that cool for some reason. The yeah yeah's at the end...oh man, that's some good stuff. And the words after it...oh, Bon Jovi always ends songs so well. 9/10

10-Something To Believe In- My favorite Bon Jovi song on These Days. And probably 3rd overall favorite behind In These Arms and Mystery Train. Depressing? Yes. Do I care? No. I relate to this song. I want something to believe in. It's all I've ever wanted. Ya know, but religion isn't right for there has to be something else out there. I believe in love...that's all I want...that's all I need. That's what I want to believe in. Not god, dope...or whatever. Anyways, enough of my preaching again...I do that a lot don't I? Great song, verses and chorus and backing vocals are just perfect. 10/10

11-If That's What It Takes- Could this be a song of hope? By golly it is. =) It's great to get out of the serious stuff and back to "I'll do anything you want me to, baby if it's me and you" songs. Classis Bon Jovi song. Little depressing verses...but the chorus is filled with hope and well...that's good. 10/10

12-Diamond Ring- I didn't like this song at first. It has grown on me though. And I can actually listen to the whole thing now. And oh man, Jon mentions roses...I must like it...errr. I guess that analysis was incorrect then. It's ok, good message "There's nothing I wouldn't do for you." But not amongst their best ballads. 6/10

Wow, I guess that wraps it up. These Days is the best album ever. Slightly edging out Motley Crue's Greatest Hits and Bon Jovi's Keep The Faith. What else would you expect from the best band ever? This is quality stuff here. It has 3 top 10 Bon Jovi songs of all time on it: Something To Believe in, Lie To Me and It's Hard Letting You Go. Very strong album!!! It was nice to get something different from Bon Jovi. None of their albums sound the same...but this one is the most different from the others. Album-10/10

Rating: 10/10

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