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"Crush" Review 24 July 2000
Bon Jovi rocks the world

Bon Jovi is the best!!!

A review by Lelluxella /

I'm gettin' high on Bon Jovi!!! They're the best band ever.
I've only known how good they are for about a month, but I'm
totally crushed!!! I just can't hold me from laughing (or how you say it on english) when I'm listen to a Bon Jovi song, cause they're really making me happy.

"It's My Life" really rocks. I don't see why everybody thinks it's sounds like "Livin' On A Prayer" but it's d-mn good. And I can't see why the fans thinks that "Thank You For Loving Me" and "Save the World" sounds like "Bed of Roses", cause I think it's a song you can't ever write anything like it (it is that good) but they're still great!
"One Wild Night" is really cool with great lyrics, "Two Story Town" a fantastic song it's cool too. "Just Older" is great. The lyrics are really cool and they give you something to think of. And, how could you hate what you see if you look in the mirror and see Jon Bon Jovi???

All the songs are the best, and I wish Bon Jovi had
"Neurotica" on the European CD too, cause I read the lyrics
and it's so "just enough sexy". (Everything Jon Bon Jovi sing is sexy)

I will always love Bon Jovi, cause before I knew how good
they are, I didn't knew you could like a song so much
just for the lyrics.

And I don't understand those who don't think Jon Bon Jovi
has the sexiest look, hair, hands " voice ever!!!
Could you like something more than this???

Maybe the pop-lovers of the '90s won't like Bon Jovi, but
Bon Jovi will survive!!!!

To all you Bon Jovi-fans: Mail me at!! /> I'M GETTIN' HIGH ON YOU GUYS!!!!!!!

Rating: 10/10

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