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"Destination Anywhere" Review 24 July 2000
Take me wherever.

What an influencial album

A review by RO'K /

I'm going to give this album a 7 for the simple reason, it wasn't what I expected it to be, I've had the album a few months now and it has grown on me but the style of the music is very oasis and bands of that orientation.

This album however has had an influence on me, the style in which I wrote songs changed after this album, they began to sound like a mixture between the BON JOVI band, QUEEN and the Destination anywhere album. Currently I've been influenced in my song writing by the These Days album aswell.

The songs on the album are good, I wouldn't go as far to say brilliant yet but they are good, My favourite would have to be Learning how to fall because of it's relaxed pace. the only song I would argue with on the album would be Cold Hard Heart, I just don't like the song, it's depressing as hell and too slow to listen too all the way.

The album does grow on me every time I hear it, and each time I write I end up with something that sounds like Midnight in Chelsea, (My song "Moarning happyness" almost had the same Chord pattern).

So for me the album is Very influencial and I do like it, just like the bands albums but it was the unexpected music style that brought it all down.

Thanx 4 reading.


Rating: 7/10

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