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"Destination Anywhere" Review 25 July 2000
Pollemic? Yes! Bad? NOOOOO!

A review by TheFlash /

Here's what was probably the most polemic work from a Bon Jovi member, in this case, Jon!

With this album, I watched 'fans' insulting Jon, saying he deserted the band, saying he is nothing without the band, and things like this... Man, were they wrong!

This album came only to proove Jon is well capable of doing things by himself, just like Undiscovered Soul did for Richie, and the good thing is after these great records, they are still together! There is nothing they can't do alone, yet they prooved they want to stick together even so! You gotta loved them!

Track bye Track review:

Queen of New Orleans - Well, here's a good way to start! I'm not very fond of this song myself, but its lyrics are very good! It sticks to your head and you just can't help singing along! It's a great start for the album! - 8/10

Janie, don't take your love to town - Perfect! Can't imagine any other word for this and almost all BJ songs! "Last night I drak enough to drown / Raise a toast to your good looks and to my health / Look, we both know how much I've let you down / Janie don't you take your love to town" or "I hated you, the night you said you loved me / I hated you, 'cause I couldn't love myself / I'm begging you now, baby please just hold me / I got one foot in, one foot off the ground" are the proof Jon is just a hell of a song-writer! - 10/10

Midnight in Chelsea - At first I didn't cared much for this song! It looked too superficial to me, but when I stoped to read between the lines, I just couldn't help to think it is a great song! The chorus "It's midnight in Chelsea, / midnight in Chelsea / No one's asking me for favors / No one's looking for a savoir / They're too busy saving me" shows a bit of what this pause BJ took was all about! They needed time for themselves, they needed to be taken care of, and not just talking care of everything! In few words, they needed a little freedom! "A baby's born, an old man dies / Somewhere young lovers kiss good-bye / I leave my soul and just move on / And wish that I was there to sing this song" - They were away, but life doesn't stop! But this was the sign they knew after the time they needed, they'd get back together! - 10/10

Ugly - Everybody feels like it once in a while! If you loose your love, you do, if you break a heart, you do! If you loose your job, you do, and even if you win a price, you can feel it too! "If you could see yourself the way I do, you'd wish you were as beautifull as you", here's a line for everybody to keep in mind! This song is about self-trust! It as nothing to do with beauty or uglyness! GREAT - 10/10

Staring at your window with a suitcase in my hand - Doesn't get any better than this! The lyrics to this one are just incredible! So real... We just need to check the first part "You think you know me just because you know my name / You think you see me 'cause you've seen every line on my face / You want to want me just beacause I say that I want you / But does it matter if anything I'm saying is the truth / You need somebody, somebody to hold on to / But this ain't the movies and we ain't heroes"! Is that emotion or what? And what about this "I said I want you, but when we woke up one of us was crying / You rolled over and all you said was - "Man, I think I'm dying" / Our song is over, this band of gold has been feeling like a noose / You place your bets, 'cause no one thinks they'll lose" - 10/10

Every word was a piece of my heart - Really emotive this one as it shows in the first part "I've been staring at the page / For what seems like days / I guess I put this one off for a while / Did I see a tear fall from your eyes / Or did you laugh so hard that you cried / When I served my secrets on a silver tray to you / Hey now, I guess the night's just bringing me down"... The "Did I see a tear..." line just makes me fly away with the song, and everything that comes from there is perfect! - 10/10

It's just me - "You know your favorite old pair of shoes / The ones with the hole in the toe you won't lose / Your favorite record that's all scratched and used / But still you love to play when your feeling blue" Gosh, this guy is just great! :) I'm running out of words here! All I can say from his songs is Perfect - 10/10

Destination: Anywhere - And to name the hit album, only a smash hit song! I gotta tell you, this song is not only a song, is a way of thinking and feeling life! "Destination Anywhere / Name the place and I'll be there / Pack a bag a we're out of here - let's run / Destination Anywhere / Left of right, I don't care / Maybe we'll just disappear like the sun" is what everybody in love should be thinking! Don't settle for nothing, go for everything! - 10/10

Learning how to fall - "I'm learning how to fall / Learning how to take a hit / Had to walk before I crawled / It was winner take it all / Now I'm learning how to fall / Yeah, I got the hang of it"... Is it just me thinking Jon is talking about himself here? It's a really great song, and really meaninfull lyrics! It's not one I hear a lot, but I think it's because it talks about a reality that doesn't fit mine! Really Great - 9/10

Naked - This song is really cool! It doesn't have the most meaninfull lyrics, but the tune is really great! Good to hear when you start feeling like you just don't care! - 9/10

Little City - Different from everything BJ have ever done! Such a great song I just couldn't stop lisntening to it back in 1997! "God let these wheels roll / To where the girls are pretty / When the nights explode / And life is still living / Down this open road / The arms of pity / Wait to greet me tonight in little city" Jon shows here he needs to change, and so he did! Great song, that brings up very good feeling inside - 10/10

August 7, 4:15 - Doesn't get any more emotive... This song is a message for some jurk (at least) than ran over a 6yo lil girl, daughter of Jon's manager! Take care when you read it lyrics when you hear the song... You just might start crying your eyes out! "I know tonight that there's an angel / Up on Heaven's highest hill / And no one there can hurt you baby / No one ever will / Somewhere someone's conscience is like a burning bed / The flames are all around you / How you gonna sleep again" - If after knowing all the story, when you listen to this part you don't start crying, you're just not human! - 10/10

Cold had heart - "Go on, take my last breath from me / I don't want to live no more / And cut my eyes so I can't see
I can't see you looking back as you walk out the door" This says it all! It's hard for anyone to lose his/her love! Perfect lyrics - 10/10

OVERALL - This is a great album! Not quite These Days or Crush, but then again, no album of any artist is like those so, this is perfect, and fighting for a Top 10 place in the rock history!

Rating: 10/10

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