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"Bon Jovi" Review 26 July 2000
The debute!

A review by Fredrik /

A lot can be written about this debut album but I'm going to try and keep it relatively short.. :)

"Runaway" became the big hit of this album that Jon wrote during the Power Station Years. Actually, the first version of this song was completely instrumental (I have that version on my PWS album). It's almost amazing when you listen to this album and afterwards for i.e "These Days" or "Crush". Talk about excellent evolvement and staying power!

This album is really 80's in its sound which you can hear on every track. More or less the chords are simple, the songs are short and sounds quite traditional. Still, you can't expect that much from a debut album, and for such a young age Bon Jovi did this album with style!

And as I always do... song by song we go!

Runaway - 9.5/10:
Great chords with quite good lyrics, at least for this time. It really shows that this band has got that little extra. One of my favourites..

Roulette - 9.5/10:
This is just as good as "Runaway", if not even better. I think both the music and lyrics bespeaks of a deeper meaning here. Also a little heavier on the guitars which I love...!

She Don't Know Me - 10/10:
Even though Bon Jovi didn't write this song themselves (M. Avsec did) it's a great song. This is probably the only song Bon Jovi have recorded and featured on an album that was not written by themselves. Anyway, it's a mix between a ballad and a slower rock song. Perfect 80's and I love this one.. I have a live recording of this track from -85 which is really cool..

Shot Through The Heart - 10/10:
With this intro I'm immediately reminded of the song "Sign Of The Times" Europe did for their album "Out Of This World" released in -88.. This song is a great rock song and one of my big favourites of this record.

Love Lies - 5/10:
To me this is nothing but a filler song. Nuff' said..

Breakout - 8/10:
I get a little "into the synth-pop" here with the things David plays on the keys. However, the song itself is good and great performance by Jon on the vocals (as always!)..

Burning For Love - 5/10:
Another filler. Nothing special at all..

Come Back - 9.5/10:
I love the intro of this song and the great guitar riffs played by Richie. Very 80's and SOO great! What makes me love this song might sound trivial, but it's the extensive use of the ride cymbal played by Tico. This is one of the few songs that he's done that ever and it's just utterly cool. Strange idea? Yes maybe, but we all have our originalities! :)

Get Ready - 7.5/10:
This is what I would call a "half-filler". The music sounds like the concept: "beaches, babes and have a good time." I've heard it too many times before to call it somewhat original..

All in all I really like this first album ever by Bon Jovi. There are several highlights, but the small fillers reduces the overall impression quite a lot. Still, an 8 it is for the album that began the story of what would become one of the most famous rock band ever! And still going strong in the year 2000!!

Rating: 8/10

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