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"7800 Fahrenheit" Review 26 July 2000
An improvement from the 1st album!

A review by Fredrik /

Even though this album became less popular than their debut "Bon Jovi" and the fact that they got hard critics for it, I kind of like this one more than the first self-titled record.

Here the songs have more improvement in both skill and techniques, and you can also hear parts which were to be known as the "heart of Bon Jovi".

In And Out Of Love - 8/10:
The rock hit track of this album that became most popular with the fans. However, this isn't my favourite even though it's a great rocker overall..

The Price Of Love - 7.5/10:
Another good rock-song, but not quite in the same league as the song above. This still does put a smile on my face no matter what.

Only Lonely - 8/10:
This is yet another song in the "standard rock category" that became a little of this albums trademark. Nice guitars and performance by the other guys. But a special song? No, not really..

King Of The Mountain - 6/10:
Probably one of the songs I liked less on this record. Not very innovative and sometimes a bit introspective. They needed to take more chances and changes in the song for it to better than it is.

Silent Night - 9.5/10:
This is definitely my favourite ballad of the album. Well, hard to figure eh... not really since "7800 Fahrenheit" only had one ballad. It has a great soothing and heartful nature that I believe many can relate to. This is a clear favourite of mine..!

Tokyo Road - 8.5/10:
This song became very popular in Japan although considering the title that wasn't hardly a surprise. The intro is definitely one of the more interesting and creative things I've heard, and I find a resemblence here with the beginning of "One Wild Night" on the new album "Crush". This is overall a great rocker with hard guitars and excellent vocals!

The Hardest Part Is The Night - 7.5/10:
A song I relate to and like a little less. I think that both from a retrospective and a new creative point this song lacks a little in both categories. Not a bad song in any way but hardly anything that stands out either..

Always Run To You - 7/10:
Here I would give more or less the same explanation as the song above..

To The Fire - 10/10:
This is my big favourite from "7800 Fahrenheit". It's very different and highly creative, and it creates an atmosphere I just love. This rocks!!

Secret Dreams - 5.5/10:
And finally they end up with a filler. Very sad if you ask me cause this song is hardly anything special. I think they could have done better than this..

All in all this is a snap better than the debut album. Despite critics badmouthing it, I think BJ did a great job here. They worked very little with this album during a short period of time, and with that in mind they did a wonderful job. This album didn't sell very well and on the charts it dropped "faster than a thermometer in Antarctica" as one reporter said. I can agreee with that, but don't really understand why. All I know is that I like this album and I hope you too will see its highlights..!

Until next album review take care! :)

Rating: 8/10

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