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"Keep The Faith" Review 27 July 2000
Listen to what the album is saying. Bon Jovi won't Go, Don't fear it.

This album has got to rate 3 in my BJ top 5

A review by RO'K /

I say it it comes at number 3, the only two albums keeping it there are "Crush" and "These Days". Just thought I'd clear that up.

The album has NO faults...wait let me cross check...nope not a single bad point about it.

The opening track, "I believe", is just superb, the beat ain't bad and there's nothing wrong with the lyrics either. I give it...10 (to save confusion all the marks are out of 10)

"Keep the Faith", mother, mother, tell your children to go out and bless their ears with this track, it's brilliant, the lyrics are good, there's no apparent meaning to them but they are good...10

"I'll sleep when I'm dead", my sentiments exactly, why worry your life away with duties and complaining when you should be living it, hey like a wise man once sung- "life is for the living so we gotta live it up c'mon lets go", listen to what they tell ya...10

"In these Arms", a great Bon Jovi song, fun to play on the guitar aswell, what can I say that hasn't already been said? Nothing...10

"Bed of Roses", my all time BJ song top 5 has this at NO.2, there is nothing at all out of place, it's brilliant and a pleasure to listen to...15/10

"If I was your Mother", it is a good song, but it's lacking something, I'm not sure what exactly but something...9

"Dry County", HHHHHHHHHHHEEEEEEEEEEYYYYYYYYYYY, my all time BJ song no.1, the best song ever released, there are meaning to the lyrics and it has the greatest guitar solo I've ever heard...500/10

"Woman in Love", a fun song with a sort of summer theme, and as it is summer, it will be played along with CAPT. Crash in my car...9

"Fear", I like the lyrics to this song, they don't really mean that much to me but they are put together amazingly well...10

"I want you", definatly in my top ten, I really love this song, the occaisional slips into country style add the extra jazzy bits, a good song thats easy to listen to...10

"Blame it on the love...", we all know what comes next, this is a fun song but it sounds a bit like track 2, and you know?...there's nothing wrong with that...10

"Little bit of soul", a fun song, another one of my favourites, good beat, true-to-life lyrics and some cool guitaring, did I miss anything?...10

"Save a prayer", I do like the song, but again there is something missing, I think it could be a few more loops on the guitar but who knows? Who cares? it's great, with great lyrics... 9.5

Overall: - The album has to be one of the best and one of the most famous to Non-Bon Jovi fans(Blasphemers).
I just have one thing to ask those who read this... Do you all think that Jon Bon Jovi is the best lyracist around?
The reason I ask is because people seem to think David is!!!(WWWWWHHHHAAAAATTTT)

Until next time...

Thanx for reading,


P.s. I require an answer to the question. Bye Yall. :-)

Rating: 10/10

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