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"7800 Fahrenheit" Review 28 July 2000
7800 Degrees Farenheit proves not to be too hot after all

A review by John Thompson /

7800 degrees farenheit is a strange album and probably Bon Jovi's worst. The album just seems too rushed and not developed in lyrics. Plus the album came out during Bon Jovi's early days, their second album. And it shows, they really don't know who they are as a band...they try to make an image for themselves on Farenheit that really isn't them and in the end it shows, and the album fails. Only true Bon Jovi fans will get something out of this album.

1-In And Out of Love- Where do I begin with this song? It's somewhat funny looking at this song and Bon Jovi now. I must admit, the music is ok. But the lyrics are just downright stupid. "Hey baby, what are you doing? Wanna take a ride on the bus? Bring ya ma" Ok, now this was written in the mid 80's and times have changed but I don't know why anyone would want to get it on with a girl and her mom. Too add to it, they "In and Out of Love" way too much during this song. It drives me insane, infact they say it 31 times. And Jon says "Out of Love" 4 times. 35 times!!! That's insane. Only reason I might play this song is because of the cool music. 5/10

2-Price Of Love- Now this is my type of song! Great intro with the guitar and drums. A song about how tough love is. "We live, we learn, we lie for the price of love, one kiss will tell goodbye." That's the chorus, sadly the lyrics really don't make too much sense as a whole but are not truely horrible. Guitars are excellent throughout the whole song, especially the beginning and the end. Definite listen to each time it goes 7800 goes in. 8/10

3-Only Lonely- "Another long and sleepless night, you need someone to hold you tight, sometimes love don't no wrong from right, another long and senseless fight-is all you do, there all the same, there's no one left to take the blame, what's behing this masquerade, how do we win this losing games we play, words we say, cutting wounds we know they run too deep, leave it all behind or someday love will find you." Wow, yes that is very long! =) But these lyrics are the most developed on Farenheit so I thought I'd mention them. Really good in my book. Plus a chorus of "Only lonely-I can't stop hurting you, only lonely-but I can't stop loving, so tell me babe, how much pain can ya take before your heart brakes, before your heart brakes...yeah." Man, this song is just so good. It's a song about love and hate, obviously. It's like a song where you want this person to hold you close and make you feel good but this person is too tough to get along with. I think we can all relate to this. We can't get along with our significant other all the time. Music is real good too. Deepest song on Farenheit. 10/10

4-King Of The Mountain- Ok, while Only Lonely had depth this song has nothing. It's one of these songs that you'd think Bon Jovi would never play, this just has to be a song they wrote to look tough, back to the idea that this album is just an image album. And this song didn't do a good job. Bon Jovi not being themselves here. 2/10

5-Silent Night- I just absolutely love this song. But it's not as deep as Only Lonely. It kinda has the same theme as Only Lonely, that love is tough at times and giving up might be the best thing but you really don't want to, you love the other person's love, touch, presence. But their comes a time when their is just no more to a relationship and silence. So cue the lyrics... "Silent Night, the night our love died, no words to say, now we're both to tired to fight, just hold me close and don't let go." This song is really sad. Probably Bon Jovi's saddest song. The music really adds to sorrow and Jon's voice has a lot of emotion in it. And the "Silent Night" fading at the end of the just adds the perfect touch. Wow, this song is really excellent. Now I'm at a loss, if this is Only Lonely is better. So much emotion, 10/10

6-Tokyo Road- Ok, I don't know if I've ever been able to listen to this song all the way through. It's boring! I can't explain it. Lyrics just aren't exciting. And the music is pretty dull. I do like the guitar going into the chorus though...the one highlight of this song. 1/10

7-Hardest Part Is The Night- Good song, the lyrics are real dark. I guess the song is about runaways or people just out on the streets with no home. And it's tough for them to survive. "There's a price that you'll pay for the glory, about losing and choosing and pain, the hardest part is the night." Really sad, but great lyrics and chorus. And "Oooooh" at the end by Jon are cool too. 8/10

8-Always Run To You- Can we say another image song? That's what I think this is. "I've been looking for someone to please me since I don't know when." "I've been looking for someone to please me" I can't imagine Jon writing either of those, since he's faithfully devoted to his wife...but when he wrote it they were only a couple and I don't see him cheating on her even then. This song is just like, yeah, we're tough. And the most pointless Bon Jovi lyric is in this song..."And when I give her the gun." What the hell is that supposed to mean? Horrible lyrics...the music is alright though. 4/10

9-To The Fire- Ok, this song has it's moments. The lyrics at points are good such as... "When you're met with authority, I looked em right between the eyes, cuz all we had was our innoncence, all we had was our hearts to try, to win the fight, you tell me, can you save me from it all." Now those are some good lyrics. The music and chorus is too repetitive though. 6/10

10-Secret Dreams- I like this song! It's funny, romantic, groovin', and just all works together well. There's really nothing special about it but not anything bad either. Maybe drags on a little too much. 7/10

Well, 7800 is probably every Bon Jovi fans worst album, it is here! Jon himself said himself that this is the only album of his that he doesn't like. And Richie even went further in a recent issue of guitar magazine to say he doesn't like this album or Bon Jovi's first album, which was self-titled. That's a little strange, this album isn't bad! It's just not special like other Bon Jovi albums. If some other band were to create this album. I'd think it's pretty good. But I've come to expect more from Bon Jovi, something special. And this album has some of it. But just not enough. There's like only 5 songs I'd listen to on this one: Price of Love, Only Lonely, Silent Night, Hardest Part is the Night and Secret Dreams. Other songs are just too flawed. Not a total waste of an album but I think they were trying to hard to fit an image when they wrote this, instead of just being themselves. Overall, 7800 Degrees Farenheit gets a 6 from me.

Rating: 6/10

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