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"Crossroad" Review 28 July 2000
Bon Jovi rules the world

A review by Bon Jovigirl

Oooh... Bon Jovi takes my breath away... Someone said it was
"The best of the best" (in a review) and I agree!

1. Liviní On A Prayer, many fans thinks this is the best
Bon Jovi song (Richie Sambora thinks itís one of the best)
but I donít think so. Itís very good lyrics and the sound
is good too, but itís not my kind of song... But itís still
worth a 9/10.

2. Keep the Faith, I donít know why, but I think the words
ďEverydodyís bitching Ďcause they canít get enoughĒ are
sooooo cool. I think itís something with the sound of it.
And ďI been walking in the footsteps of societyís lies I
donít like what I see nomore Sometimes I wish I was blind
Sometimes I wait forever To stand out in the rain So no one
sees me cryiní trying to wash away the painĒ is so good!
Jon is really sexy in this song! 9.5/10

3. Someday Iíll Be Saturday Night, I love this song cause it has a really good sound! 10/10

4. Always...always so good, always so sexy...Jon is so good
in this song, I love it!!! The first words are just...great!!! 10/10

5. Wanted Dead Or Alive, a different sound... The lyrics are so true...10/10

6. Lay Your Hands On Me, I love this song!!! I love the
beginning with the drums and I love the text and I love
Jon... I love it!!! Itís one of my favorite Bon Jovi songs... 10/10

7. You Give Love A Bad Name...
Well, I love the text and the sound and Jon and itís also one of my favorites... 10/10

8. Bed of Roses....Jonís a genius! Another song like this
doesnít exist and never will. It makes me shiver and itís the best lovesong ever! The lyrics are great...I donít understand everything in it, but I love the words I do understand! Richie is really good too... 11/10

9. Blaze of Glory, I love the lyrics!!! ďIím a colt in your
stable Iím what Kain was to Abel Mister catch me if you canĒ. I love that bit! 10/10

10. In These Arms....a great song but not one of my
favorites...Donít know why...But I like Richie... 9/10

11. Bad Medicine, this is one of the best Bon Jovi
songs(again). I love the sound and the lyrics...It happened
to me once... ďLetís play doctor babyĒ...itís good, so

12. Iíll Be There For You, guess what, I love it!!! Jonís
voice is just.... Ohhh... Itís just one part I think is a bit strange ďNow Iím praying to God youíll give me one more chance, girlĒ...If I was the girl I would rather want him to say it to me, not to God... 10/10

13. In And Out Of Love, ďTake you higher than youíve ever
known Then drive you down to your knees I pick you up when
you had enough You been burned baby lessons learnedĒ I like
that... Jon makes it sound like heaven...Maybe it is...9/10

14. Runaway, not as good as the other songs, but everything
canít be great. 9/10

15. Never Say Goodbye....I love it. ďRemember when we lost
the keys And you lost more than that in my backseat babyĒ I
donít know what to say... Very good.... ďRemember days of
skipping school Racing cars and being coolĒ I see myself in
this... 10/10

Like everyone else says here, Overall a great album! (I love it)

Rating: 10/10

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