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"Crossroad" Review 29 July 2000
Ten of the best, (Years that is)

I'm going to be a critic.

A review by RO'K /

I'm not going to take this track by track, I don't have much time, first off let me thank those who responded to the question in my most recent "Keep the faith" review.

This album is one of the greatest they could turn out, the compilation of the first ten years of what is now Bon Jovi (it always was), but with my review I'm not going to praise them as I normally would, at 15 I get in and out of bands very easily, but I've been a fan of Bon Jovi since I was 8 or 9, but I was a bit put out by the album when I first saw the track listing for the C.D.

1st off there was no Dry county, my all time favourite song wasn't on the C.D. but it was on the video.

2nd, "I'll sleep when I'm dead", on the video but not the C.D. Very disappointing.

Now the album did have Someday I'll be saturday night but again No Living in sin or Miracle for that matter.

I do love the album, it's great, the only faults are the above, I wouldn't take any songs out but I'd put a few in.
I think they could have put all the tracks in, the ones off the video aswell. (I know, if they did that most of the Keep the Faith album would be on Crossroads)

I'll leave you with my top 5 Bj albums.

1.These Days/CRUSH
2.Keep the Faith
3.Slippery When wet
4.Destination Anywhere

Good bye everyone, I hope you can relate to this review somehow. But do you want to know the Irony of it? I'm listening to Crossroad right now.

Thanx 4 reading


Rating: 7/10

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