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"Blaze Of Glory" Review 2 August 2000
The young gun who's the best lyricist around

John Bongiovi, the cowboy

A review by RO'K /

I first sat down with this album back about a month, I can remember thinking, "this is quite a good album" after listening to only two songs. As I delved deeper into the album I found the album was even greater.

The reason I think the album is so good is because of the lyrics, Jon has put himself in the position of a cowboy and wrote these songs, if you didn't know better you'd think Jon was actually a Cowboy (For all those who are saying to themselves,"He isn't?", no, He's a New Jersy boy).

Jon has an ability to write loads of lyrics around one point and make them all meaningful to the point.
Thats why I admire him and the band.

The album isn't anything to boast about in general, the tracks are all for the film "Young Guns II", but they all have a beat and a sound to them that catches your attention immediatly, the only honestly bad track on the album is "Guano City" and Jon didn't compose it so it doesn't matter.

I think you'll only get something out of this album if you're a) A huge western music fan (Not that the tracks are really western)

Or b) If you're a true Bon Jovi or Jon Bon Jovi fan. (Lets be fair, you can't be one without the other now can you?)

Thats me done for this time, but look out for my future reviews on "New Jersy", "7800 Farenhiet" and some of Richies two of them.

Bye for now...

I always say it...Thanx for reading.


Rating: 7/10

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