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"Crush" Review 6 August 2000
Bon Jovi lost their Edge???

A review by Thel /

OK OK. So it isn't Slippery When Wet. Let's face it, THAT album was commercial. Crush reminds me a whole lot of Jon's really early stuff. Yeah, there are some fillers that really suck(She's a Mystery, Next 100 Years), but overall the album is great. Let's face it, Slippery will NEVER happen again. The guys are not 24 anymore and glam rock is just about dead. SO for everyone wondering where Bon Jovi went....they went nowhere. You're just looking for a Bon Jovi with a little bubble gum on top.

Lyrically, there are some bad songs. I think they should have included Real Life on this one and left one of the other fillers off. But the majority of the songs are good. Yes, It's My Life does sound commercial, but so did Living on a Prayer. But they both still rock. And this album definately sounds more like Jon's work than the whole band's. And songs like Neurotica, Just Older, and One Wild Night show that Bon Jovi can still rock like they did back in the glory days. I've read a lot of reviews by fans, and those that are disappointed sound like you want a Bon Jovi greatest hits album. They have great songs on all their albums, and then some pretty bad ones too.

And, Bon Jovi is back on the charts and on MTV in the States. And to me that is where you judge success, not what is happening in Japan. If you can get on an MTV countdown dominated by boy bands and rap groups, and you're rock, you're doin pretty good.

Oh yeah, Slippery and New Jersey are my least favorite albums. They became commercial bubble gum pop. I love their early albums, and I love their stuff after New Jersey. Who could say that they are too commercial now? Bon Jovi, who wasn't supposed to survive their first album, did. Then they conquered the 80's, survived and left a mark on the 90's, and is still here in the new millenium. How many other bands hav done that?

Rating: 8/10

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