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"Blaze Of Glory" Review 8 August 2000
Heart Felt, a true auto-biography!

Jon became Billy, the Kid in this one!

A review by TheFlash /

OK! How did this began?

Mr. Emilio Estevez thought one fine day of putting "Wanted: Dead or Alive" in the western "Young Guns" sequel! It was a nice thought! After all, this was the song which set Bon Jovi to be "The Cowboys"...


Mr. Jon Bon Jovi, who was in the time retired from the band for relaxing, after eight years of the tour-album-tour formula, said something like "hey, I would let you use it, but I won't! I can do better!"... - And so he did!

Jon wrote a new song, of name "Blaze of Glory". The song was a perfect match for Emilio's caracter, "Billy, The Kid". It was the perfect song for thew movie! So perfect, Jon couldn't stop! From a song, it became an album full of perfect matches for Billy! Where did he got so many stuff to tell about one single caracter? Well, who knows... Maybe Jon is Billy! :)

The truth is, when you listen to the album, each song appears like part of Jon's life, nonetheless, matching Billy's life!

And track by track we go...

1. Billy, get your guns - Cool song, about life on the road, fighting for self believes, and faith (yes, this is where Jon began to regain faith). "Billy get your guns, there's trouble blowing like a hurricane, Billy get your guns, that's the price on your head, for the price of fame, and it'll never change..." Try taking the word "Billy" out and put "Jon" in! Fit's perfectly! - 9/10

2. Miracle - 'My oh my, this song makes me cry!' It's simply beautifull! Once again, Jon is talking about himself! "The river of your hope is flooding, and I know the damn is busted, if you need me I'll come running, I won't let you down"... Nothing else to say! - 10/10

3. Blaze of Glory - I think I'll skip this one! Everybody knows is one of the best songs ever written... No? OK! It has everything! Pain, Broken-heart, Emotion, best lyrics, emotion, great chorus, faith, emotion... "You ask about my conscious, and I offer you my soul, you ask if I'll grow to be a wise man, well, I ask if I'll grow old! You ask me if I've known love, and what is like to sing songs, in the rain! Well, I've seen love come, I've seen it shot down, I've seen it dying in vain!" Perfect! - 10/10

4. Blood Money - How can he do this? It's so perfect it makes other song-writters think twice before writing anything... "I wonder what would have happened, if you were the killer, and I was the hero, would thing be the same? Or would I have traded your life for my own life, would I have payed, your depts in your place?" Heart-felt, emotive, beautifull! - 10/10

5. Santa Fe - In my opinion, the most beautifull and truthfull song in album! Jon really outdone himself on this one! It's a faithless song, but in the same time, a fighting song! Jon as no clue of what may happen from this moment on, he doesn't belive it'll be so great, but he'll be there to fight or it! "So I'll save a prayer, for when I need it most, for the Father, the Sun and the Holy Ghost, and sign it from 'A sinner with no name'... When I meet my maker will he close the book, on the hearts I broke, and the lives I took? Will he walk away, 'cause my soul's too late to save?" This is really a song about Jon, but most importantly, a song about the whole human race... I can't resist, but to give it - 11/10

6. Justice in the barrel of a loaded gun - Great intro by Mr. Lou Diamond Philips. It's a self-forguiveness kind of song. "So Mister, can you help me? Or are you my gun? Have the ghosts of justice, brought you here for me to meet the justice, of a loaded gun!" A retrospective song, about all the madness of the endless tours Bon Jovi did in the 80's. - 9/10

7. Never say die - This one is a faith song! 'Hey, I'm here, I've done it, I might as well enjoy it' "One it's your own blood you bleed, and your own tears you cry, when you're brought up to believe it's the strong who survives, never say die!" Really great song, and one of the best rockers of the album. - 9/10

8. You really got me - hehehe! Funkie song, quite funny lyrics, with no special meaning, but at the same time, with meaninfull lyrics! It's the same kind of song like "Love for Sale". Pretty cool! Not the kind of song you'll keep hearing over and over, but very good to lift you up - 8/10

9. Bang a drum - Another super-emotive song! Beautifull! Truthfull! Perfect! "...If you wanna tell Him something, you ain't gotta fold your hands! Say it with your heart, your soul and believe it..." Perfect - 10/10

10. Dyin' ain't much of a livin' - This is THE song about Bon Jovi's life in the 80's. "Dyin' ain't much of a livin' when you're livin' on the run, dyin' ain't much of a livin' for the young! Is it too late to ask for forguiveness, for the thing that I have done? Dyin' ain't much of a livin'!" Beautifull - 10/10

11. Guano City - :) What is this song doing here? OK, it's not a bad song! It's a very good in fact instrumental song, but has not much to do with the album! It's a nice tune we can hear in the movie, but not Bon Jovi at all! It wasn't even written by Bon Jovi, so... But, anyway, it's a good song! - 7/10

That's that! Before These Days, and not counting with Cross Road, being a best of, this was to me the best BJ album! These guys just keep on going better!

Take care, and keep the faith!

Rating: 10/10

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