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"Keep The Faith" Review 8 August 2000
OOOhhhh down in...

Dry county

A review by RO'K /

Possibly the best song that has blessed my ears!

It is a ballod of social struggle, with the best lyrics, adapted with the best story converted into the best song Bon Jovi have done in the field of Rock music.
Combined with Jons great lyrics and powerful voice mixed in with Richie's Superb Guitar skills and you've got a song there should be more of...

The story starts..."Across the border they turn water into wine", speaking of the people in struggle, they are miracle wokers to have kept alive and sane in the struggle with oil.
That's the kind of path the song takes to explain what the people were going through. I'm not going to persue this throughout the review 'cos I'm not very good at picking out hidden meanings to songs unfortunately!

Lets get down to the music of the song, the song is carried through by the little keyboard parts breaking it up, the thickness to the music texture as the song goes along makes you want to listen further, then we get to the cream of the crop, THE GUITAR SOLO!!! the best part of Bon Jovi, the Greatest 6 minutes of Bon Jovi's carrier for me is wrapped up in that 5 or 6 minutes of guitar pieces during the middle of the song, Equeled only by the really emotional guitar pieces in songs like "My guitar lies bleedin' in my arms"

If I ever go astray from Bon Jovi (God forbid!) then I will remember them for that guitar solo and this song, I fall to my knees when I hear it because I just get lost in it.

For me it is my all time favourite song! No other can match it's brilliance!
The lyrics in the song are true to life, and the song is wealthy with lyrics, the only thing left for me to say is...

...Lets have another like this Gentlemen. Please:-)

I'll sign off again, but

Thanx 4 reading.

RO'K (Some others may know by the name Richiewannbe, those who visit Bonjovi Chat)


Rating: 10/10

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