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"Crush" Review 9 August 2000
Not the best but not shit either

A review by juan bon jovi / dngn89@hotmail.com

O.K. Here's my take on the new album. You can agree with me or not but it's just my opinion. This album could have been much better but I'll take it as it is.Here's a rundown.

1.It's my life- you could call it Living on a Prayer 2000 and no one would say a word. Everything in this song just reminds you of their classic hit, from the voice box right down to the solo. That's not to say it's a bad thing. Just wish they could be a litle more original but one of the best tracks in my opinion. 9.5:10

2.Say it Isn't So-This song didn't really catch my ear at first listen but has grown on me since. I am glad they tried something new with this one. Not the usual Bon Jovi but good nonetheless. 9.0:10

3.Thank You...-Alright, let me just say that I tried to give this track a chance for me to enjoy it as much as i liked bed of roses and always but to me it just doesn't appeal to me like those two songs. If I had to compare it I would say it sounds alot like Lie to Me but not as catchy. It kind of falls flat on the melody side of things but does set a good mood and atmosphere. 3.5:10

4.Two Story Town-This song, on the other hand, instantly caught my attention. Everything from the opening intro to the chorus just hooks you and makes you sing along. The mood is kind of like Midnight in Chelsea but with a more upbeat chorus. My favorite on the album. 10:10

5.Next 100 Years- don't know what to make of this track. Mid-tempo track that wants to really rock but doesn't get you in the mood. I wish this song was a little heavier. 6.0:10

6. Just Older- This sounds like the classic Bon Jovi I fell in love with many years ago. Great tempo and verses and the message really shines through. I rhythm of the chorus doesn't really do it for me though but good enough 8.5:10

7. Mystery train- this song also grew on me as well. Really relaxing chorus 8.5:10

8. Save The World- The song Thank You...could have been. Better riff, better verses and better chorus. It does sound a little like Jon is whining though and a bit contrived. 8.0:10

9. Captain Crash- Good beat and that's all that I can ask from a song which I have no idea what it's about. It reminds me of the SWW album though. 8.5:10

10. She's A Mystery- This one sounds like it was a b-side of something from the These Days album. 4.0:10

11. I Got The Girl- The only line that stands out is the namesake. The bridge before the solo saves this one from an utter bust. 6.0:10

12. One Wild Night - Great song. I would have liked it as the intro track but at least ends the album on a good note. Really rocking tune with attitude. 9.5:10

Overall rating :7.5-- the ballads really brought this record down. It's a shame because I used to really love their power ballads. C-ya! Juan Bon Jovi 4-eva!

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