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"Destination Anywhere" Review 9 August 2000
A little piece of my mind

Ahem, order order...

A review by Stuart "Slammer" Hall /

Queen Of New Orleans - Nice track to star the album off with, good rocker with a superb feel to it - the guitar playing in it is something you dont hear very often, good sound like something Gary Moore or Santana would put out of their PRS or SG, with a bit of overdrive. I liked it when I heard it first and I love it now. 9.5/10

Janie... - I heard this on the radio ages ago and I couldnt figure out who it was (my pre-BJ days). I bought the album alone on the basis that this song was on it. No regrets there. Great lyrics let JBJ show that he isnt a run-of-the-mill Yankee singer, but that he has true solo talent. 9/10

Midnight in Chelsea - Yeah ok so its good, yeah ok so I like it, but it still doesnt have the appeal of the first two songs, not one im likely to put on repeat over and over and over... 7/10

Ugly - Now this I like. The guitar, the lyrics and the basic beat of it all shout and scream "put me on repeat", so I did. After a while I learned the riff on my strat but its nothing compared to this song. Great one to put on if your feeling down. 9.5 /10

Staring at your window... - Nah. Slow songs can be good, take Always for an example or Its Just Me but they have to have the lyrics to go with them. The title of it reminds me of My Guitar Lies Bleeding... but when I listen to it I realise it will never be as good. 6/10

Every Word Was A Piece Of My Heart - hmmm, dont really know what to make of this, the verses are good and have a nice feel to them, gets you nice and relaxed but then the chorus lets this one down a little. I suppose it might grow on me. 6/10

Its Just Me - Ahhhh the hours listening to this track revising for my MCSE, its great. Soft and smooth but with niceness (is that a word) mixed in to it. you get the idea. I think you have to listen to it a few times for it to get to you but when it does you'll find yourself reaching for repeat. 9/10

Destination Anywhere - Yes. Nothing to say but yes. This is what Homer meant when he told Bart that he nodded his head to some songs and said 'yes'. A superb song with a great tune and a nice cosy feel, lets you picture a sunset with a red Chevy and a guitar in the back seat driving along a road in the desert. Here come the white coats i guess... 9.5/10

Learning How To Fall - Not sure. Give me some time on this and Ill get back to you. Nice tune but it hasnt really gripped me like some of the others have. Hmmm. 6/10

Naked - Yeah ok, this is great. Lush tune with great guitar chords and a nice rocking feel to it. Could well be a contender for Song Of The Album. Fun lyrics as well, if you play it when your girlfriend is drunk.... 9.5/10

Little City - Nice, not great not terrible but nice. Its not a contender for the "repeat" award but its not one you would skip past, unless you realised what the next track was. 7/10

August 7th 4.15 - Written for his manager, whose daughter was killed in a hit-and-run. This song is the winner of Song Of The Album and the Repeat award. It always sends shivers up my spine when I listen to it and makes me sad. The lyrics are superb but serious and thoughtful. You can't describe this song to its full potential so go buy the album (or the Midnight In Chelsea single and listen to it. If you dont cry after knowing what its about then you need to seek specialist help. 10+/10

Cold Hard Heart - Devistatingly poor. Another one of the reasons August 7th is put on repeat is to stop the CD getting to this song. I dunno, others may like it but its not for me. Dont take what ive said for gospel thought cos you might love it, this is just my opinion nothing more. 2/10

The album gets 10/10 simply because of Janie... and August 7th... but there is other great stuff mixed in, with its fair share of poop

Anyway, that brings us to the end of todays lession childeren. Today we have learned that JBJ is the second best musician alive. He would be first but Gary Moore is still kicking around. There is time yet though. Mr Moore is older than JBJ so time will tell...

Rating: 10/10

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