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"Crossroad" Review 10 August 2000

A review by MaV

Hey there guys howya doin'?

I thought id take a littl etime to give u some more of my views, thsi time the subject is Crossroad.

Crossroad is a great album, im usre i dont need to tell anyone that, but gratest hits albums always disappoint me, not becuase they rnt good but cos theyre defined by sales figures rather than quality, it would be nice to see an album of the bands best songs rather than the most succesful ones, kinda like a top ten i suppose. Anyway heres my listing of the songs i would put on it in ored of merit:

1) Thank You For Loving Me

2) Bed Of Roses

3) Dry County

4) Silent Night

5) Never Say Goodbye

6) I Want You

7) Lie To Me

8) Blaze Of Glory

9) Livin' On A Prayer

10) Mystery Train

11) Always

12) Just Older

I think Crossroad is brilliant but i would prefer the above album, although ive given u a listing of songs my taste varies from day to day so i cant be certain, but i can tell u that however my taste changes with time i am sure of the Top 3 songs, of their quality i have no doubt.

Thanx for reading.


Rating: 10/10

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