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"Stranger In This Town" Review 10 August 2000
Same style? No! Perfect? YES!

Richie on it's own scares me...

A review by TheFlash /

...because he had potencial to go solo for good! I hope he doesn't!

"Stanger in this town" was the most underrated album of the history, if you ask me!
Statistics say it was bought almost only by collectors and die hard BJ fans! Is this true???? hope not, or the world is more blinded for music than I thought!

Richie is... how can I say... brilliant!

This album has two week songs, in my point of view, but the other 8 are superb!

And once again, track by track we go...

1. Rest in Peace - Bad start! This is probably the weakest song of the album! I don't believe even Richie really liked this one! He tried to give it a "cult" style, but it doesn't work as far as I'm concerned. Apart from that, the "Richie part", being, guitar playing, is really great! It's the same Richie we are used to! For it's guitar playing, this one deserves a - 7/10

2. Church of Desire - B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L-L... This song is soooo good! It's chorus is just what teen-love is all about! In the beggining of the song "One confession would ressurect the truth, revenge or forguiveness for sins between me and you" shows that Jon is not the only great song-writer BJ have! Richie is not that far behind! - 10/10

3. Stranger in this town - Now, this is a song that belongs to the world! It's one of the two best songs of this album, and should have had it's place in the TOP 5 at least when it was released! David gave Richie a little help on this one, and the two of them wrote a beautifull song! "Everybody loves a winner, 'til the winners lose, and then it's front page news! Nobody loves a loser, when you're down and out, you know there ain't no doubt!" No other comments... - 10+/10

4. Ballad of Youth - Another great rocker, and yet another teen-love perfect description! I could quote the fantastic chorus, but I won't! Instead, I'll quoote one of the best bridges ever written "Temptation makes us fall from grace, but the angels were sinners, and the sinners saints! Forguive yourself 'cause we're all the same, everybody rides on this karma train!" What other words can explain something so well explained? - 10/10

5. One Light Burning - On the cover, Richie wrote some listening instructions "Turn down the lights, Light a candle... Welcome"... This is the song he wrote it for! Absolutely marvellous! Best song of the album! Perfect guitar (course, Richie is playing), perfect drums, perfect lyrics, perfect pace, perfect atmosphere! Perfect! I won't even quote anything on this one! I'd have to put the entire lyrics! - 11/10

6. Mr. Bluesman - This song is about Richie writing this album, period! Great introspective song! "He's seen a thousand roads, he's been a million miles, and when he'd bend a note, a tear would feel my eyes" and "A graveyard full of scars, his life will paint his songs, 'cause when you're the road, there's nowhere you belong, you're just alone" are just what life on the road is all about! And Richie was very familiar with that after the tour-album-tour formula BJ had implemented the early years! I won't even talk about this song's guitar playing... - 10/10

7. Rosie - The fantastic trio is back again, and hey... they brought a friend! Sambora, Bon Jovi, Child and Warren wrote this cool song! It starts slowly, but starts going faster and faster and... Great song! Not one of the best in the album, but definately, won't be fast forwarded! - 9/10

8. River of Love - And after six great songs, it's time to slow down a little with a weaker but not the weakest song of the album! It's basically a cool song, and we may even enjoy hearing it, but it's not the kind of song we'd wanna hear twice in the same day, and probably in the same weak! But then again, the chorus is very good and the guitar... you got the picture! Though it's better then "Rest in Peace" it is worst than the other songs in this album, so I guess I'll give it an - 8/10

9. Father Time - It's well known that every song signed by Desmond Child is a masterpiece, and this one is no exception, specially because of Richie's great voice, songwriting and guitar playing skills! Did I wrote this album had two best songs? Ops, sorry! It has three! This is definately upstairs with "Stranger in this town" and "One light burning"! "Now she's gone, she didn't even said goodbye! I guess she didn't had the heart to try, she didn't even had the guts to lie! Father Time, only you can turn the page, and close the curtain on this empty stage, only you can take my pain away!"... No more words! I only hope Father Time allows us many and many years of Bon Jovi songs, cause they all are perfect at what they do! - 10+/10

10. The Answer - First time I heard this music, I felt I had already listened to it! It's coerent lyrics, allied to a calm and easing tune make this song nothing else but really special! It makes me wish I'd wrote it! It IS "The Answer". "They say for every living things, there's a guide up in the sky, that helps you pass from world to world, so you never really die!" This songs is a perfect helper to start thing up one life feels confusing, specially for teenagers! I recomend it for every one! - 10/10

OVERALL this album is what Richie needed to in those days! He needed to get out of the band and do something tremendously good, so he could go back and feel good there! He did! - 10/10

KTF everyone!


Rating: 10/10

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